It's snowing and my anxiety is spiking

why? I just don’t understand. Yesterday it was lightly raining and it was making me very anxious. I don’t understand why this is happening. What could be going wrong? I didn’t have this before unless it was a big storm. Right now we only have a couple inches of snow and my heart is racing. I feel like something horrible is going to happen. I have a dr apt later and I just want to cancel it. Should I reschedule or face my fears?

Sometimes I get horrible anxiety driving. Sometimes I need to medicate myself while driving.

I’m not full of fear today.


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I’m the same way. Any bit of precipitation makes me anxious. I thought I was the only one like that.


Try to face your fears if you can and keep your doc appointment. Probably you should let your pdoc know how you are feeling too.

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well I made it to the appointment, but I did need to take Ativan to make the trip. oh well that’s what it’s for

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I’m glad you made your appointment. It sounds like it was needed. Sometimes I need to take propranolol for my anxiety to make appointments too. But in my case, the room setup and anticipating that setup is what makes me nervous.

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That’s interesting. Do you mind if I ask what about the room setup is making you nervous?

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It has echoes in it. There is nothing but the psychiatrist, his chair, a couch for me, and a small table with his laptop and a big screen TV. No pictures, no rugs, no plants, nothing. It makes me really nervous. Like I’m in a lab of some sort. I know the TV is for tele-therapy, but I can’t stop feeling that it is watching me and that he is testing me to see if I look at it excessively. Also, the echos and his voice are so loud that I have to wear ear plugs there.

omg that’s terrible. I wish he could make that more inviting. It sounds like it’s that way on purpose.

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I told him that the echoes bother me and he said that he knows he’s in theory supposed to decorate the place and it would help with the echoes, but I might notice that so far he has not. I guess that means that it will stay the same. I don’t know why he likes this environment. I went to a therapist from the same establishment and it was that way too. I guess they just like the stark look. I put up with my psychiatrist because his meds seem to work and I am worried that if I go to someone else, they will not take me seriously because I started having the psychosis like symptoms so late in life.

If you had the money you could buy him a nice manly tapestry to get him started on the decorating


I might do that. Though I’m not sure what he would read into it. I hope it is not inappropriate to give your psychiatrist a gift. I didn’t get my counselor a Christmas gift because I thought I wasn’t supposed to, but then she got me one. Oh well.

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