It's no shit, i really am possessed


I really love these people who don’t know what they are talking about sometimes.

They assume so many things it’s crazy.

Yes your mind and heart can be invaded and taken over. They don’t have to tell you either, but they did tell me so now im telling you.

Im a possessed guy. And yes they have a pill for that now! Yeah, they have a pill for possession. See, they are in my mind so the pill snips it like a radio station being highjacked. It’s unfortunate really.

You know they blame me for it sometimes to. Insanity that one is. In reality it’s just a crime, it’s a crime and it happens, there is no more involved in understanding it.


They assume so many things it’s crazy

your also assuming you are possessed


Hello Pan

You are right many people do not understand or could not understand them. They are in you but they are not in control of you yet. They have silenced your soul and set in a plan to become your soul and you together. Your brain and your issues are the reason for you hearing these voices. Once they silenced your soul they found your mind and the circle begins. They think they are talking to your soul and are unaware of this side of things and only see the thoughts you have on things. Your ability to hear them is your defense and your trouble together. I talk to them all the time but it is different for me because I have the ability to block out their negative thoughts. I allow them to control me and to do things or touch things and show them things in this reality through my eyes. Find your mind and insure your thoughts are your thoughts this will separate them from you. Be strong.



No i am not assuming anything.

You are assuming that im assuming.

You just don’t know the things they have shown me. Time after time they have proven it, even physically harming me before, three times they have done this.

It’s maddening because you can’t show anyone though.

Let us say it a different way then. They are in my head and heart and can control a person’s thoughts and make them hallucinate in different ways.

You are also assuming that im assuming that i know who and why, i don’t. I just say “them” now. It really is someone.


we all assume everything


Thats an assumption.


your assuming that is is an assumption



it’s an old lie that they don’t understand this place or us and what they are doing.

Good lie huh? Good trick right?

“Oh, we just don’t understand.”

They understand this place just fine, they can see it and experience all of it, it is their world that we cannot see or understand.

They know exactly what they are doing mr. powessy. You have been had im afraid.


I’ve believed that I was very close to becoming possessed before. It made sense at the time.


Perhaps the assumption on my part is that it’s spirits, maybe it is and maybe it’s not.

But what im not assuming is that yes i was absolutely possessed and had my mind taken and was tormented.


They aren’t all the same.

There can be many different things that can happen with a possession.

It’s just having your mind taken over but it doesn’t have to be only one way.


stigmata next lol


I kind of wish actually.

Proof positive finally.

Id need a witness and id go “look at my hands.” And a hole would appear.

Then they’d know finally.

Levitation though would be fine to, but that only happened in my nde type of experience during my second “episode”. So it was just me and them and no one could see.


the power of christ compels you, the power of christ compels you

haha, i loved that movie, ‘well just that bit anyway’ haha

do you think your head will spin around?


Hello Pan

Tell your friends this, I know who they are and how they came to be. Tell them I am aware of their mind inside their mind and how it is constructed. I know how many they are and who and what they are. Tell me this why does it take so many of you to find pans control points. I know that it takes nine of you to make a mind and I know that once this mind teaches the replacement you should be on to the next so tell me why are you still hanging around if you are not finding Pans mind. Do you know what reality you are in. Pan close your eyes and have them open your eyes and look around, do not be scared they do not have control over you they are confused. Pan tell the demon the loud mouth one that I am coming for him and his kind as their are already thousands of them here with me. I am not joking, he can find my mind if he wishes or I will track him down in the astral.

Pans mind is not your mind so find your mind inside your own mind and you can not find yourself till you find yourself inside yourself.



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No dude. You just don’t know.

They have even bent my spine. I began to gasp for breath from it. They bent it when i laughed at rick people orgies. They didn’t like that at all.

And during second psychosis they induced an nde type of experience in my mind, they were in there with me like the dream on “the golden child”. Who knew that ■■■■ was real but it is! You don’t even know you are asleep it’s so real.

This is what happens in shamanic spirit walks when they are taken in their minds through the jungles to different places where there are beings waiting for them in crystal cities and ■■■■!

From my perspective it just can’t get more obvious. I was also burned physically on my hand which left two marks for awhile, while it burned i looked up at the trees and holy ■■■■ another face made of light staring at me! How is that anything other than an outside conscious force burning me?!

Ah ■■■■ it! Nevermind.


No it isn’t.

They have made this very clear.


"We know about your reality than you do. It is our reality that you have no knowledge of. We mean to kill him actually and we are going to, we can’t get more obvious than that. Astral travel is us, human beings don’t do that without us. We excercise control over people when we wish and we don’t know what you are saying with opening his eyes. You aren’t coming for us, there are only some that have authority over us and you are not them, in reality we are coming for you. We know his mind is not ours, what are you saying.

We don’t know what you are talking about. Nothing works the way that you are saying."