Its late but i really want to know

Are there many of you here who mask and hide your mental illness symptoms to such a degree that nobody hardly realises how much you are really struggling
Theres many reasons why people hide illness …ie they don’t want to appear weak, nobody seems interested in listening to negativity or simply its been a habit from childhood to survive difficult upbringing/ climate
Share if you wish x


That post sums things up for me. That’s my life in one post !

I hide my mental illness and try to blend in with the normies.

A psych tech in the hospital said “You know how to act”. I live by that.


Since childhood been hiding anxiety/depression, keeping it all bottled up, scared to speak up, scared to ask questions, scared to be different…and not being accepted by peers, viewed as odd scary!
It hurts to hide mental illness, it causes emotional distress, unable to show emotions, physical pain & headaches and tiring. All the time i feel like a "can"under pressure wanting something to give, maybe explode to release the pressure

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It takes a great deal of effort energy to mask/ hide your symptoms

Especially when they get worse over the years
Eg schizophrenia

No one knows and even if they did, they wouldn’t care anyways. No one at work has an iota of a clue what struggles I go through. Maybe they’re struggling too.

i hide my symptoms very well until i get to the point of si and hi and i feel like im to weak to control my self

then i ask for help from the act team and pdoc

i know when things are to bad for me to handle and need med changes and probably hospital

I don’t have any symptoms to hide anymore.

But before meds when I was psychotic I didn’t do a good job hiding it, I didn’t even try.

The woman I was seeing called me psycho because of my behaviours and questions and that was the end of that, lol

Some people don’t hide mask symptoms of anxiety/ depression / any of their mh issues
Obviously its impossible to completely hide them 100 % but i do my best to out of complete habit and unable to show emotions

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I hide my negative symptoms.

Interesting…what ones do you try an hide?

Lack of emotions, showering, etc My friends think I shower everyday though I only shower once a week :shushing_face:

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Yeah those are a given really

I try to mask so much its painful.

Im stuck a complete flat person it seems on the outside

On the inside im a mess

Wow just anonymized lol very weird

I quote about my symptoms of the negative symptoms but not the negative symptoms for the ones I trust, they understand a little