It's interesting for me to remember my psychosis

Overall, most of the part of my psychosis is not understandable with “normal” person brain. I mean the one which never experienced psychosis.

When I try to open for certain people how I felt, what I saw, what I experienced, they feel shocked.

Psychosis is really strange thing.

Mine was full of supernatural stuff. I saw myself as a God, sometimes as a worst person ever.

Overall me, even now, I don’t get most of the stuff which happened during my psychotic break.

But I remind myself how far I went. Now I am probably more realistic and honest than I was before psychosis!


I remember it all but moved on. It was all just smoke and mirrors to me. Yeah I thought it was all real but it was more important to me to move on. Find the right meds and get on with life which I did.

Yeah it’s very interesting but it’s no different to other experiences like chemical abuse for example. It’s all brain chemistry in my eyes. Even enlightenment is a chemical process the way I look at it.


Probably I should also move on,

I also have veerry many memories which are blurred. I don’t remember some very important moments…

Overall I try to be strong and positive and keep in my mind how far I went. It makes me more thankful for what I have now :slight_smile: but yeah, I overthink my psychosis too much I believe.


I remember my episodes vividly, but I tend to use them as an example of where I do NOT want to go again. Sometimes I’ll tell my friends about it in a humorous light so it’s never scary to me anymore.

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Saaaame! I remind myself that I would never want to go back in these times,

And I also like to laugh from certain stuff which happened back then.

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I’d like to look at it that way too, but there’s still this part of me that don’t believe the brain can create something so complex and believable. I guess I should look at dreams… they can be really vivid and have complex stories, so guess it makes sense.


Yeah well said @magz “complex and belivable”. One part was hard to understand was when others participated as well, in some sort of way. This is what made it hard to belive was just my brain. But what else could have been?

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