It's highway robbery down here!

This earth, the way that it works, people being cruel, all of it has robbed us of our need to have children.

For the large majority of earth, although it would have been needed, it is entirely out of the question to reproduce at this point. It’s madness for most to have kids, just madness.

Sure people need to have some but only in a more viable situation and system. It’s not like anyone could tell people to do it alone or anything, but people ruined it completely and now it’s just a horrible idea.

Now that is highway robbery right there. It takes a very special animal to accomplish things so hideous, a very unique creature id say can do that.

No one could have complained either, people would have been absolved.

So instead of just stopping like they should though they just pump them out by the billions still, complete and utter ■■■■■■■ madness down here.

What gives you the authority to judge this place?

We’re all just blips. 100 years. That’s nothing.

Yeah you are absolutely right it is kinda crazy having kids now.

And what’s really screwed is the reason everything is screwed up is there is no order being practiced because the majority don’t live by a moral structure of life.

If i had authority this place would already be judged, as you can see im just a guy talking on the internet and am not judging, talking is not judging, the action taken is judging and i don’t have the authority to do that as you can see because this place would already be gone if i did.

Im just some dude, some dying dude behind a screen that has no say. But what i can do is not force this on my kids, it would just be them driven around like cattle and paid ■■■■ to do it, they’d be ■■■■■■ completely. Now add the international workings in there and it screams louder don’t have kids, the nations don’t want peace or prosperity. Now add the criminals, no kids. Drugs all over the place, no kids. The economic situation that if you don’t want to follow you can die, no kids.

And lets not forget my child’s imminent ■■■■ death, thats another no kids right there, forcing oblivion on my kids just doesn’t sound like a good idea. Man i couldn’t wait for them to realize mortality and watch the joy bleed from their expressions, oh boy!

Whats truly insane about us nowadays, really insane, is that we have every oppurtunity to not do it anymore and we don’t. The ancients were forced to keep going, they had nothing, and that means nothing, if they didn’t have kids it was torture and death for them. But we have the means and in doing so the way we have we have incriminated the human species completely, it’s like we were the final piece in doing so.

The ancients were insane as well though, they just pumped them out like there was no tommorrow also and it was nothing but pain for them. Could you imagine doing that? Just pain and pumping kids out by the billions? Insanity to the max.

Although i don’t have the authority to judge i do have the right.

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Just trying to make you think. A little rhetoric. Nice response.

This world is like heaven and hell combined. There are poeple who would do anything to save a persons life and there are poeple who would do anything to end a persons life. I focus on the heaven here on earth with poeple really wanting to help me stay alive and not suffer and stay out of trouble.

Ha Ha! Im incapable of thinking! I win!

No it isn’t dude.

Do the math, it’s like onderdonk used to say with his symbol, it’s not a yin yang and it’s not equal or balanced. Almost all of it is hell, dark, negative, bad, pain.

I wish to help people. How do you help them when they are doomed as soon as they come into the world?

Not putting them here in the first place is a great way to help them actually.

Putting someone here ends life, and there is alot of hell as they make there way there to.

You’re fighting a losing battle sir, lol. Do you think there is any way (in reality) that the population of earth is going to stop having kids? I’m not trying to insult you but I think your perspective is off because YOU personally don’t want kids. For the majority of people, they CRAVE kids almost as much as they crave sex and food. It is the most basic human function to reproduce. It’s called a biological instinct that is built into the MAJORITY of people. Just like a survival instinct is a biological instinct. Or aggression.

You make some good points about why people shouldn’t have kids but look at the statistics of how many people bring kids into this world. About half of them shouldn’t be allowed to because (like you say) they bring them into poverty and suffering or even the most so-called "Normal’ parents screw up their kids so bad it makes you wonder what they were doing when they decided to have kids. But billions of people who have had kids since time began can’t be wrong. People LOVE kids. Literally. It clouds their judgement.

But you are forgetting something. Everybody alive today was once a kid. And many of these former kids (adults) are happy. Yes, no matter what you say, some people live good lives and are happy. Deliriously happy. And these happy people are glad they were born.

And you know why some people have kids? Because people are dreamers. They see other people who are rich, successful, popular, good looking, famous etc. and they think, “If I have a kid, he has a fair shot at that”. At least in some parts of every country in the world they think like that. So they go ahead and wish for a son or daughter who will do better in the world than themselves.

Parents intentions are good. They want their kids to be happy and they devote a large part of their lives to making their kids the very best people that they can be. I’m tired now. You get my point. And I get yours. Sobeit.


Thanks to Nick for summing up the situation so well. Closing this to stem the ongoing flood of negativism.

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