Harmful crimes

If a crime is to cause harm.

Then having kids is one of the most hideous crimes that there is. It’s very harmful.

That would make heterosexuality illegal and detestable.

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Life is as involuntary as the drive to reproduce. Really dude this place is a ■■■■ show. Most people are decent folk though just trying to live life to the fullest.

It’s horribly unfair. Economic standing and health.

I don’t know dude but I still hold out hope that the future is more like Star Trek than any dystopia. I really doubt that long distance space travel is possible for organic beings. The ships would have to be massive. There is no artificial gravity.

The dissapointments just don’t end.

Really we all need to learn how to live in harmony with the earth and each other.

… But I don’t see that happening.

So much garbage. Literal garbage. Recycling doesn’t really work.

Nanotechnology might eventually save the world though.

The interdimensional beings may be able to help us.

I’m pretty sure they won’t.

From all the stories I’ve heard they have only saved one life and that was p k dick’s son.

Dude what the ■■■■ ever happened to good sci fi.

When they save a life no one can know.

We can’t see or hear them and no one ever knows when they do.

They also kill though, they do both.

Playing head games seems to be their forte.

We’re older, thats all that happened.

I can’t tell if everything got shitty or if we just began to realize that everything was shitty.

Not all of them though.

Yeah I don’t know man. Things are probably better now then they ever have been. Still pretty shitty though.

What would you do if they left you alone?

Some have it worse now, some had it better way back.

Many of us in the first world will end up worse off than someone in the third.

It’s all mixed up and always was.

Not sure, im sick as hell from pills now, i may be finished.

If i could though id just go back to work again. It’s all that i could do.

It’s chaos dude. Life shouldn’t exist. But it does.

I don’t really know how to feel about it. I do feel pretty good though because I feel slightly less sick then I did yesterday, and that seems to be the trend.

Yeah man if my symptoms stopped I would just try to live a normal life. Everything is different from the sz perspective though. It exposes you to how fragile things really are. The normals take so much for granted.

Don’t remind me how stupid i was.

I did the same.

Man what’s really starting to bother me is how cryptic people can be when they just throw out vague statements. I don’t really think it means anything but for ■■■■■ sake where is the clarity. It’s like people like to be misunderstood and open to interpretation.

You wanna be vague then be vague.

Good name for a band right there, vague.