People need to learn about reproduction fast

People must learn how to do it.

Certain questions have to be asked before you have kids, people should begin asking those questions.

It should be on a need basis and not a want basis.

And why are there no laws, any meth addict can just get pregnant all she wants, there should be laws.

And whats up with all of those starving people giving birth to completely screwed over children, you shouldn’t give birth to kids born with aids and no food or water or medicine in a freaking huge war.

Seven billion, seriously? Two billion of those people in china, seriously?

The worth of a human being is sinking like a stone because of this, we are headin toward ten billion really unhappy mal-nourished individuals here, at some point you’d think that people would stop and begin asking questions about whether or not they should do that.

Im going to just wager right now, and ill put everything i have on the line by the way, that all of humanity is born completely insane, there is really no other way to describe the way that people handle this particular issue, just insane!

And they preach it all of the time without realizing they are talking about themselves, they shout from the hills “doing things over and over and expecting a different outcome is insanity”, well guess what, that makes all of humanity freaking crazy doesn’t it.

If i get rich im going to begin to giveaway free tube tying and vasectomies for the good of the human race, this is getting rediculous on every level.

I might be crazy, but these people, these people are crazy.

A guy I work with purposely had eight children just to get extra government cheese. Making babies pays more $$$ than a full time minimum wage job according to him :wink:




To make my body invalid i must be more descriptive, in order to do this i shall describe describing, describing is a thing that you do to waste time and keep yourself occupied because of the madness that is over taking you because after all you are floating around in the void, and no one likes the bleakness of the void.

Bill Gates has some interesting ideas about what to do with his money. He put up a large amount for someone who could design a better toilet, for example.


Better be a really good toilet right.