Its all back

I feel so awful… I called the mental health team today they were very nice but weird things are happening to me I can feel bugs crawling all over my arms, my face, my legs I can see them I want to clean them away… I’m scared to go to sleep so lately I haven’t been sleeping very well…I’m scared that I will be murdered in the middle of the night…I’m scared to call anyone as my calls are monitored and they can hear what I say and if I say too much they will hurt me…I don’t know what to do …am I’m real? I don’t feel real…I’m worried that they will put me back into hospital … I don’t want to be a pain…the one thing that helps is my iPod but it broke about a week ago…I’m a mess …


Go see the pdoc. I think it’s time for a med adjustment .

My thought are with you, @tezzie88 .

It’s a wonderful thing you had the ability to write this post and that you asked for help. It’s a good thing. If anxiety is so high you really should see your pdoc for help. Don’t fear hospitalisation, I know it’s harsh , I hate it too, but fear will only worsen your symptoms. Try to keep a cool head until you see your pdoc, and think that hospitalisation might simply take you out of an environment that maybe does worse for your symptoms. Don’t run from it, it might be good for you or not necessary at all. Talk options with your pdocc and stay in touch with all the people that can support you.

Please let us know how it went, I’ll be waiting to see when you feel better.



I feel that way too. Its bewildering and scary. Hope you feel better soon!