I might go into the hospital

I just feel so depressed and scared. I don’t feel safe in my apartment.

I am always scared that someone is going to burst in my apartment and try and take my life.

Eventually when I do take my meds I calm down, but I have really scary nightmares.

I am sorry everyone to be such a downer, I just needed to vent. :frowning:

please seek help from your pdoc soon? I am sorry you’re depressed, no fun I know. No one is going to try to hurt you!

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Thank you Jukebox.

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Hang in there @Chrishasheart. Better days are ahead. No ones coming in your appartment unannounced.


Thank you @MeghillaGorilla1 I’m at my Mom’s now. I want to go back later on tonight to check on my cat. I guess I’ll just having to keep telling myself that no one is going to hurt me.


Maybe you can ask her to go with you. I know that when I’ve had hard times it always helped to have a family member with me. Regardless tell yourself that these thoughts will pass.


I sometimes get scared when I’m home alone too. I end up sleeping in the closet sometimes, because in my mind the murderers and rapists would never think to look for me in there.

I get scared of the cops. And people I know. But yea I’ve spent a few nights on the floor out of fear that someone was gonna throw something through my window

Thank you, I find this comforting.

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