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Where do you think your delusions originate?
If one wanted to know the mechanics behind it, how do you explain it- but not to anyone but yourself?

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Brain chemistry. Your neurons are off. They process things that aren’t what normal people do. Acid does things and it’s brain chemistry. It kinda shows you what happens.

It’s something that hits you probably so early it’s in gestation and the hormone bath kicks your ass.

My opinion!


Agree, brain chemistry. My sensory perceptions have been out of whack since I was an infant.

The form my delusions take is fed by my depression and anxiety and my childhood experiences - they’re mainly pretty dark and harrowing. But the fact that I have them at all is a brain that’s overwired in some areas, underwired in others.


the same part that creates the dreams would be my guess. we are like puppets in it. we observe.

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Dream like state of interpretation.

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pure need to escape reality.

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Wow, yeah, I have to agree with everyone, if that’s possible.
I have to wonder do delusions influence hallucinations?
Are they connected to each other- even though they exist separately…or is the brain’s chemistry bad in both?
My eyes when I have hallucinations remind me of those ‘trick’ pictures where you stare at the image for a minute, then another different image ‘Pops’ out at you.

My delusions of reference originate out of my religion. But, I’m not blaming that.

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