Chemical Imbalance

So the other day i was a little sick and im lying in bed and all the sudden some lost neurons start firing and im able to piece together a little bit of what its like to have a normal functioning brain. This was very profound for me and i tried to hold on to it and still can kinda get back into that headspace. Anyways im wondering if anybody knows for a fact that because of their brain chemistry their not seeing the same emotional reality that normal people see?


I know that I don’t experience the world like I did before my illness. Because a few times the world came through for a brief moment. Maybe similar to what happened to you.

Yes you’re right, I am a psych major and I know that dopamine, serotonin and glutamate are all wonky in our brains, and medication stabilizes the levels of all three of these neurotransmitters. There are also structural abnormalities sometimes present too, usually in more severe cases. I seem to have little structural abnormalities because meds have me symptom-free, but a brain scan is the only way to know for sure, and I havent had one, haven’t needed one. Cortisol is also out of whack, overproduced, especially in paranoid schizophrenics, hence the hyper-vigilance and sometimes violent behavior that we paranoid schizophrenics sometimes exhibit (I can say I have been like that, it wasn’t pretty). Cortisol is a stress hormone.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. I am aware that I’m not always seeing the same emotional reality as others around me. But I have delayed reactions and it’s been hard for me to feel anything at time. I get analytical and just have to ask myself, “what would other people do if there was a crying person in front of them?”

Other times under my wax build-up I can get very emotional. I just have no way to show it.

Voices make me hyper-emotional. Like a mental roller coaster. When I’m not talking to them I feel normal. My normal thinking is a little unusual, but I just need more to do. Now I am trying to always ignore talking to the voices. I quit smoking weed 6 months ago and now I’m trying to drink a lot less. Lack of good sleep increases my voices. Also going up on meds. To me other than interesting conversations the voices are a waist of time. And if I talk to them alone I will hear them while at work.