Delusion formation

How are delusions formed?

Do ideas just pop into your head?

False memories?

Hallucinations convincing you of untrue things?

I keep searching for feedback everywhere and no one talks about it.

Yet i need to know for my own peace of mind.

Any help would be appreciated.


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In my case, it starts slowly.
Unusual beliefs become obsession
and it becomes delusion

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Its just i keep having my hallucination insisting its real among other things.

Its not the illness that may drive me mad. Its the fact that everything my hallucination tells me jives with my past and explains everything I didn’t understand about it perfectly.

I really need to examine it you know?

I don’t really know how simple thoughts can form delusions tbh. My experiences have been more interconnected and complex than that.

Is complex interactions of all the different symptoms normal?

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