ITI-007 new med


Anyone heard of it? or been on it and aloud to talk about it? Starting my trial soon.


No but I would love to try it


Im hoping it works well. Im really nervous about it though.


You will be fine and can share your experience with us.


Thanks! I will have to talk to the people who run the study about if im aloud to share or not, but i would love to share with you guys.


Yea I hope you can will be very interesting


Good luck with your trial !!

Please let it work well for your symptoms !!



Thank you so much!!!


It’s quite famous on this forum. If you use the search function you’ll find a lot of discussion.


Thank you for the advice! Going to do that now


I’m jealous that you’re part of this trial. You probably won’t be able to share your progress, but it’s good to know the trial is starting soon!


Oh no about not being able to share. But have an appointment in two weeks and I believe I start it then.


You were looking for a non-narcotic anti anxiety med, was buspar a good fit?


Haven’t tried it yet. Just resumed my vistaril and it has been helping.


The newer name is lumateperone.
Good luck.


Good luck, Saywhaat! I hope the new med works well for you!


Could you all let us know how you are currently doing? What are ur symptoms (positive, negative, cognitive, etc…) so that we can compare your before and after situation?


With abilify I still ear voices almost daily. It’s just not for long like it was pre abilify. I have major depression and my anxiety has gotten so much worse. I have a hard time being social or going places. Have an even harder time getting in the shower or cleaning. Can’t focus I take sarcosine just to get thru school. And my memory is awful!


Keep in mind, unless this is an “open label” study you may get a placebo or active control (another antipsychotic).


I take abilify, and if anyone gave me anything I would think it works. Everything I’ve taken over the years I thought was working, but in the end it all turned out to be the abilify.

Everyone is different, but I’ve never experienced placebo effect as much as I have while taking abilify.

Funny that.