ITI-007 new med


Yeah luckily when I switch to the meds this trial is specifically giving everyone the med and no placebos. I wouldn’t give up my ability for a maybe drug :slight_smile: it helps to much despite the side effects I experience.


Thank you for the advice. Luckily they are not using placebos on this one.


Best of luck!

I’ve had my eye on iti 007 for some time.


I never heard of it until I signed up for the trial but I was reading everything that has been posted so far about the trials and it sounds amazing.


It does sound pretty awesome for its side effect profile.


How much Vistaril (atarax/Hydroxyzine) do you take and do you take it at night or during the day ?

Good luck with the trial ! Hope it improves things.


25 mg. And I don’t take it at a specific time. It is as needed. So when my anxiety is to much to handle I take it and it calms my heart rate but that’s about it.


Hey sister @Saywhaat … when is trail for iti 007 starting… can u explain…!!!


My trial starts in less than a week now :slight_smile: next Thursday for me. Which is really good because the abilify hasn’t been enough for me lately.


Best of luck for trail saywhat… i think it will go well…!!


Thank you. I honestly feel the same :grinning: I got so excited when I got approved I actually jumped up and down. On meds hard to feel excited so this was awesome.