I can't take this life

I am just so done. I feel so tired and like a complete failure. I am at the end of my rope.


I too am going bananas :frowning:

Life and the disease is getting to me too.

I feel like a failure too and like I maybe shouldn’t be on this earth. I suck at everything.

What’s happened?

You are all fine people. Dont let em get you down.

To be honest I feel like a loser now. I don’t always feel like a loser. I just don’t have a life. Remember don’t give up. There is always a chance that your life will get better. Especially if you’re struggling right now you can’t go anywhere but up(feeling better).

when u hit rock bottom… you got nothin’ to lose

I have my struggles and problems, but I can honestly say my life has improved tremendously. I was suicidal for years, many years. I attempted suicide multiple times. But now I’m glad to be alive. It does get better if you just hang in there. I know how impossible it seems, but I’m proof it really does get better


I’m feeling pretty off center myself @FatMama.
Hang in there.

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This can’t be good. Three of the forum matriarchs aren’t doing well.

I think all of you will feel better in time. It’s so cliche but it does get better.

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Hugs. I have those feelings sometimes. I hope you have support at home. It does get better .

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I can’t see an end of this. I have failed my family. I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror. I’m ashamed of the useless person I have become. I’m truly a detriment to all those I love. I don’t want to hurt them but I can’t see a way out that won’t.

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You have to do some accepting. You have to accept the things you can’t change. Otherwise you’ll go bonkers.

Change for the better the things you can.


I’ve been struggling with some paranoia about other people lately. My mind is exhausted and I feel really run down.

Hang in there @FatMama.


I feel badly about the way I treated some people but I also realize that I was numb from the bad treatment I got from others. You can’t fix what you don’t know.

please don’t hurt yourself @FatMama it will get better…I promise…

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I’m sure you haven’t failed your family. You seem to be quite selfless. I think you should pamper yourself and try to make life enjoyable for you, first.

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