It was nice to wake up

It was nice to wake up after well slept night, just drinking my coffee and browsing the net, today I am going to ride my bicycle 25 kilometers, today is another exercising day, at least, they have forecast that it is a warm weekend. Have to visit my father at the elderly care place as I usually do.


Mj good morning…

I still need to ride my bicycle 9 kilometers, it was nice to visit my father and talk with him, reminds me hw valuable our lives are … after i have accomplished riding my bicycle, I’ll do my exercise movements and bodycombat later in the evening … all this exercising is good for me because I have high blood pressure and diabetes, also good for mind and in many other ways …

Thats some good miles on the bike!

I’m up to half an hour but doing only about 8k’s…have this old mountain bike and it’s not the best bike. I have a pretty decent old racing bike which I need to get going…that is on my agenda this week but it’s high pressure tires and I don’t have the equipment!

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