Today was a good day

After sleeping well I woke up early and energized. Just before waking up I had a vivid dream of having sex with a woman whom I knew when I was a teenager. Strange. I went to ride my bicycle and rode 20 kilometers. It was nice to visit the market place in the morning and there people were selling flowers and other products, there was some music too (listen to a song below). It was cloudy in the morning, but in the afternoon it was sunny. I met 4-5 people whom I know (I do not know their names, just their first names). It was nice to chat with them. Here are some pics I took today.



Maybe I have been too long without sex, I start having dreams of having sex :smile:

I wish tomorrow will be as good as today was, it is going to be sunny and temperatures close to 20 C degrees, I’ll start sleeping again early today and wake up early and will ride my bicycle, I really enjoy riding my bicycle, it is nice that I can smell flowers they have in many parks we have.

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Your bicycle is beautiful,

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It is ok, it is just an ordinary city bicycle. I like it. I use it for everything I need to do such as going to the library. I try to ride a lot now in this summer because eventually winters comes again and it limits my bicycle riding. Since 2002 I have had many bicycles, but I like this current bicycle most. Do you ride bicycles?

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I used to, once when I was 15, I rode my bicycle 70 km, but now because of meds, smoking and obesity I hardly can ride my bicycle 1 km and just sometimes,
I’m very happy that you can ride your bicycle over 20 km a day,

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YAY! @mjseu Soooo nice you had a good day!! Waking up early is REALLY refreshing! And waking up energized is a blessing! The bicycle looks great, and the view is amazing! It’s hard work to write that far! Nice! I want to smell the flowers, too!! Can you please take and post a picture of the flowers?


We have many parks and there are many flowers. I rode my bicycle 13 kilometers in this morning, it is quite hot here, above 25 C degrees. I’ll go riding my bicycle in this afternoon and I may take pics of flowers. These flowers smell very good.


They’re beautiful @mjseu!!

Great job doing a long ride again!!

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