Today has been a good day

I have been riding my bicycle and it has been relatively warm. How has your day been?


Hi @mjseu . Still early here so it may be to soon to tell. Found a bad tooth that I need to get to the dentist to quickly to prevent losing it this morning. Otherwise my morning has been fine.


My day has been good. I just woke up a little over two hours ago. I deleted my Facebook but I still have a few more but I can’t delete them because I don’t remember the logins or passwords. I want to go for a walk with my dad later.

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Now I’m just drinking instant coffee and reading the forum. I don’t have anything to do this weekend.

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I’ve been following what you say about the war.
hmm, glad you got out today.

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I like riding my bicycle. I learned today that one of people whom I know is an eastern Orthodox person. We talked about one monastery near where I live. Exercising is great for mind and body. I believe that the war continues to the distant future.

Congratulations on dropping Facebook!

I did that awhile ago. Haven’t looked back.


I used Facebook for two weeks over eight years ago, then I deactivated my Facebook account.


I am having my evening coffee. It is so peaceful and calm. I actually went to ride my bicycle early in the morning. Not many people were outside then.


i am good. took some sun on the skin. went for a quick swimm on the ocean. ‘life is good, wild, and sweet. let the music play on’ Lionel Richie, All night long

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Every time I read about you riding your bike.

I get that song in my head

I want to ride my bicycle :musical_note:… Queen I think

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Yes. That is Queen. :elephant::elephant::elephant:

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I rode my bicycle 17 km today, Queen … bicycle, bicycle :smile:


Hahaha… I want to ride my bycicle…i want to ride it now :musical_note:

17 km is a lot!

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17 km is a lot of bike riding.
Well done!

Today I got jiggy with it then my boyfriend made us a coffee each.

Now we are going to have a unhealthy chip roll.

I’m trying to lose weight but the occasional junk food is ok I reckon.

My boyfriend and I will watch the originals then my boyfriend will go home to his place which is a hour away from me so I only see him weekends.

I’m happy to hear you had a good day. My day was also good. I do enjoy your photography well what you’ve shared over the years. I really like seeing Finland from your perspective, you do a good job of showing its beauty.

My day was good. I got on the scale this morning and I was just under 182 pounds…I lost 4 lbs last week. My doctor started me on a new regimen where I only eat between 10:30 am and 6:30 pm, and he reiterated no added sugars or white carbs (wheat, white potatoes, etc).
I also got an iPod shuffle for my birthday from my mom and dad that’s waterproof so I can listen to music while I swim.

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