It was all a mistake- maybe tomorrow I can get it right?!

I thought it was drugs and God and sexual restraint. It was simply schizophrenia. I flogged myself for thirty years. I wonder if it’s a record. I stayed alive. I really love the mandolin ( Jinx shares something close to his heart ).

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Usually people claim sexual abstinence cured their sz lol but I am sure its bs.

I blew out a lot of energy I should have channeled to something productive. How was I to know, I only tried in school a few semesters!

I am sure you did what you can. I did too.

I mean if I could go back in time, would it have been better to develop a sharp intellect? I could have been a schizophrenic doctor? But I read a few books I truly loved, it’s just nothing could compare to my god the imagination. So ha ha, Alter! F- you!

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