My friend asked me if I had a schizophrenic episode!

We were hanging out today. I’ve told him about me being sick, that I struggle with mental illness.

My friend asked me if I had a sz- episode.

I’ve been sick for so long (11 years). I’ve told him about my mental illness, that I’m struggling. I guess he finally guessed it. He’s a smart person.

I said yes! It feels like I lost something by confessing. But at the same time, I feel like I didn’t have a choice.

Here I am, a person with sz. Without the possibility to recover.

I guess it’s the time to tell people if they ask. I can’t do anything else…

I think everyone knows, there’s no point in hiding.

Here I am, a person with sz!


I ask my friends to wear tin foil on their head when we meet. That way we are equals.


But seriously, if you trust them and have known them for a while why not tell. If they are really your friends they will stick around.


We’ll see. I think he’ll stick around. It’s the gossip I’m afraid of. I don’t want people talking about me.

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Why don’t you have the possibility to recover? Many people get better.


I have been reading about outcomes. It’s not a pretty picture to read.

I also read that they’re is a possibility for recovery after 15 years for about 20%. It’s been 11 years now.

I dunno? I don’t think I’ll recover in 4 years. My mind is split. I feel the cracks in my brain. It’s too late!

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People can get better as they age. I did.


I just wanted to be able to study, work etc.

I don’t think it’s possible anymore. Too much brain damage.


That’s too bad but maybe there’s something else you can do that you’re good at. How do you know you can’t study? Have you looked into Adult Ed?

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I tried coursera and edx before. not the same as CC or uni. But it’s fun. I also like independent study and reading. I do think I screwed myself with the energy drinks causing headaches and feel duller and dumber now.

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Yes, I have looked at every possibility. My negs are what’s keeping me down. I feel latched to the couch.

The problem is that I can feel the psychosis in my brain. It feels as if my brain is cracked. With the cracks, comes the negatives.


Is ok to rely on close friends and family. But I would try not to spread the word, allthough I’m sure you know this…

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No need to be embarrassed about it :slightly_smiling_face: it’s just a mental condition


I felt that I should tell him. He has told me everything about himself and his family. He keeps me updated on different things and I don’t share at all.

I feel really uncomfortable telling people things about myself. I don’t know why?? Perhaps it’s shame or something to do with my upbringing??


I hope this turns out to be a trustworthy friend.

It’s always a risk.

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