Good day at work. Bad day at work

I had my moments today while working.My paranoia took a backseat today. I saw not everybody is a threat. Not everybody is thinking and reacting to me.Whew, I had a couple hours of life without paranoia. I crossed over to the good side. Lol. I saw the light. Talked to some soldiers, said ‘hi’ to some men AND women. Drank my Cokes and did what I was told. It wasn’t a perfect day. But who’s ever is?


wow, good on you.
take care
p.s does the coffee taste better on the ’ other ’ side.

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I don’t know. But it’s always decaf. And free.

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I bought a package of Tasters Choice instant packs. They were only $1.00 at Dollar Tree. :heavy_dollar_sign: :evergreen_tree:


I don’t understand. What was the “bad day at work”?
It sounds to me like it was a pretty good day all day.

I didn’t bother to put what was bad. It was the other 5 hours that weren’t good. But even those other 5 hours had their good points.


I’m really glad things are leveling out for you. This is good news. I’m glad you had this moment of peace today. I hope you get to have more of them.