It seems like lots are having it rough

I’d love to respond to each and every one of you about how special you are but have a lot on my plate this am and actually got some sleep. Plz know that we are here to support each other without discrimination. I love you guys and you keep me going! Plz plz take care of yourselves and remember you’ll get through this and no shame in asking for help. It takes “balls” to ask for help. Plz take your meds compliantly because it can get better. Just make it through an hour then another then another…especially those of you who are dealing with suicidal thoughts or addictions. We’ve all been there, and you CAN get through this. The mind is a very powerful thing, but love is stronger, and I love all of you…unless you piss me off and I’ll drown you in sarcasm because I do have a wee bit of a volatile bite :rofl: fo reals :hugs:


It’s so good to have such positive threads like this, encouraging others it’s a blessing


Ty @anon51414962

I’m busy cooking atm but keep checking in. I feel bad cuz I can’t keep up with those who are suffering.


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