It ONLY hurt my feelings

Hurt feelings are huge with we szs. But actions speak louder than words. So, although my mother said many times that she didn’t want me, she did feed and clothe me. I just get ear aches from some of the things she said.


We hear you and know you were hurt. I think your mom was just being immature to say something hurting you whereas she did feed you and clothe you. Maybe there will be one day in the future you will forgive her.

Have you ever had therapy or someone to talk to about your feelings towards your mother?
You seem awfully hung up on your past with her. Maybe it would benefit you to have someone help you work through it.

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I’d have to come out of a withdrawal long enough to talk to a therapist meaningfully. This has not happened. Typing things out to the forum is as far as I’ve gotten. It’s all so threatening.
I’m afraid if I expose myself as being unwanted, people will take advantage of me. They have in the past.

At least I will not do that to you. And I believe most of other members here will not do that to you either.

Same with me. She did feed me, say that I am her best daughter, but nonetheless she said horrible things.

I still love her anyway.

My mummy don’t care about me :frowning: (my mum)

My mum is too depressed to show any care for me.
Its so ■■■■■■■ depressing but I guess I adapt to ■■■■ like that

I think she hates me ASWELL LOOL

My mother never said awful things to me. I am scared my kids will think I don’t care, though, as I spend all my time in my room and none with them. I hope they can understand some day.

And don’t worry, @chordy- we are here for you.

I’m sorry your Mom said bad stuff to you that caused hurt.

Chordy, I felt extremely unwanted, until I got married at 33 y.o. I saw myself about as useful as a pile of crap. But people didn’t dare try to screw me over b/c my anger level was so high that I scared people away. Which fed my feeling of being unwanted.

Words do matter. I felt unwanted b/c I was told that I “was an accident” and that I “should have been a boy.” I just thought my parents cared for me b/c “what would the neighbors say if they didn’t?”

My parents seemed to be more concerned about what the neighbors were saying than what I had to say.

Turns out my parents were great after I grew up and moved out. They just didn’t like kids.

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