It is again Friday evening, what do you do

I do the same thing as always, take my meds and start sleeping early to wake up tomorrow to have some coffee and take my meds, as I have done for many years.


i am watching porno right its Friday tomorrow i 'll go 4 ride…lol…

marvel alliance i think

Ride sounds fun :smile:

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nice one …loved it …it making be more serious .the narration is heart touching…

I’m not watching porn in fact turned down sex a male friend over for dinner

I am watching “whose line is it anyway” on the CW network. Laughter and smiling is good for you.

Tater Tots, scrambled eggs, iced tea -

usually just watch tv with my parents then fill my weekly pill divider. Annoyed at myself tonight, dropped one of my pill bottles on the carpet, and the worst of it they’re sort of a yellowish see-through color and it was hard to find them on my tan carpet. I think I was able to get all the fuzzies off them. It hasn’t been a good day.

Friday night… I plan on many people being out partying at the bars…

Usually… that leaves me free to do my grocery shopping in peace on a Friday night. The big store is almost empty… and I can get a lot done with little problem.

Tonight… I’m just to tired and drained… so my sis is going for me.

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NBA Playoffs, I love watching the Spurs play with their backs against the wall.

I hate to start to take a pill with lint on it.

Then once I got the pills into my weekly container, and was going to put them back on my dresser my arm jerked a little and tipped over every pill bottle on the dresser. Fortunately the lids were securely in place and none of them rolled off the top of the dresser. I don’t know what it was, if I was jittery or something, I didn’t really feel jittery. More than anything I felt highly annoyed all day, extremely irritated…by the littlest of things.

My roommate and I gave our goat a bath at the farm, and she was very mad at us afterwards!! Then I came back and basically slept and did nothing for most of the day, then decorated my roommates side of the room for her birthday and went to her birthday dinner with our other friends.

Now I’m in bed dreading attempting to sleep because I know the demons are going to talk to me. As soon as the light goes out all hell breaks loose.

I already woke up a little after 7 am in this morning. Took my meds and now enjoying my 3rd cup of coffee and listening Alice Deejay.

I went to a tavern with my girlfriend and then we watched a movie and ■■■■. I’m in bed waiting for my bedtime meds to kick in.