I do not know what people do during Friday nights

My Friday evenings and nights are very simple. I eat my dinner, take my meds and soon start sleeping only to wake up comfortably in the Saturday morning. Nothing special, it is just a routine which may indeed help me to counter some symptoms.

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I need to start working out on fridays instead of drinking. Thats my new goal

I look forward to most friday nights because I always go out. yesterday I went and had souvlaki but I had too much rum during the day :cocktail: so I couldn’t eat a lot then I went to see some friends, we talked about my newly self diagnosed OCD :sweat_smile: Now that I might know what’s wrong with me, I might be able to fix it.

Friday nights are interesting… people put an imaginary psychological time on unwinding… there are people who work on Saturday and Sunday… so Friday night isn’t really the end of the week anymore…

But for some reason… we all collectively treat it as the end.

For me… it’s a break in the action… Saturdays are hectic… but Sundays are mellow.

For Friday night… I like to stay in with family… or I do my grocery shopping since the markets are usually empty… it’s when I get the chores done.

That way… I can have the weekend free for afternoon naps… or a morning swim… or a sunset walk.

i bring my laptop/computer to bed with me every night, i have a tv on in the back round…im looking forword to the lotto tonight, i do my son’s date of birth, 24-04-07, if they come out i get 2000euro, they came out once last year

I dunno about friday nights, but saturday nights:


Its Saturday ? really? sometimes for me one day blends into another.