It is again Friday evening, what are you doing

I probably watch some TV and then start sleeping early to wake up tomorrow. Nothing special.

watching t.v…feeling hopeless about the future… :neutral_face:

Having really nostalgic ( some would say melodramatic) moments listening to '90 music…and waiting for tonight to get properly drunk with my friend. Nothing special.

When I was at your age I bought a bottle of wine each Friday and drank it in the evening before going to a party or a disco, times have changed since then, I do not even remember when I had wine last time. But is there a proper way to get drunk, I mean you are getting properly drunk @Sarad :smiley:

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Trying to calm down, I have bad akathisia today. Stressed out over Xmas. I have already taken my PRN med once but will probably have to take it again. I am not getting anything done.

Hate waiting for my meds to kick in… What do you guys do to keep your mind off symptoms until meds kick in? I am spamming a little, sorry.

I take my meds in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, so I am medicated all of the time and I do not need to wait when meds kick in.

Scroll through the Trump’s memes.

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Well, I think ‘properly’ in this case means: drunk enough to sing out loud and text weird messages but sober enough to know the way home.:))

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