It is a small 🌏

I guess I have talked about a friend I have who is an aerobics instructor. She had a boyfriend 20 years younger than her about 8-10 years ago. I guess she was 45 then?

She almost used to tell me everything, along with their sex life and the guy’s quirks, most of his words etc… :blush:

After a few years of a sneaky relationship, the guy ended things as his family was against the idea + you know, people talk :frowning: in my country…

She was devastated. I remember how much she cried, it was a nightmare for her. Took her such a long time to recover after that relationship.

When I was coming back, I ran into my childhood classmate in the airport, she was crying hysterically so I stared at her for a minute then realized I know her. She is 8 months pregnant. She was flying to US to deliver her baby there.

We talked and had so much fun reminiscing, she was an A student and now she is apparently a nutritionist and she got her MBA whatever. In the airplane we set next to each other too. Then in France we said goodbye and she left to LA.

A couple days ago, after reactivating my FB, I thought I should look her up. So I did and I added her to my friend’s list, only to see she is married to that guy now :flushed: Not sure if the guy knows yet though :flushed: LOL

Anyway, I wish her well. I saw some pics of her in LA, She will soon have a boy.

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