Best friend

I wish I had a best friend :disappointed:

I also wish I was more talkative… or knew what to talk about… maybe I’d have a best friend.
I’ve said this before but I also wish I had a girlfriend to talk to everyday… I have a friend who has a girlfriend she talks to everyday… so it’s not impossible to find someone like that…


Yea I feel a girlfriend is so different to a boyfriend, in my personal experience.

I mean like friend friend, not romantic.

Hope you find one.


Haha thanks for the clarification😅


I saw you have roommates now?? How’s that going?

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I have an app to find friends… I wonder if I should leave out the fact that I’m pregnant cause ever since I put that I was a soon to be mom on there- I haven’t matched with anyone🙃

I really only have one irl friend that I talk to regularly and she is a girl.

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I’m feeling a lot of anxiety around them :unamused:

But I think with time it will improve

On the plus side they are not very invasive

And proper sensible.

How’s things going with the pregnancy how many months are you atm?

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Oh that’s cool🙂

Glad you have someone to talk to…
Do you hang in person too?

Ah that’s not good, it doesn’t sound too bad tho so that’s good… how’d you find them?

Pregnancy is going alright… I suppose.

I think I’m 5.5 months pregnant


Yea it doesn’t sound too bad :slight_smile:

I just gotta try and act normal ish so that they don’t evict me haha.

But with time I will reveal my crazyness when it is safe to do so.

5.5 months that’s past the half way mark. Wow good one… Must be a life changing experience… And it’s a girl :star_struck: Aw… Cute. I wish you well with the whole experience


I make all my friends by adopting introverts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I mean I imagine it’s still difficult😬 I can’t imagine having roommates but good for you for doing it!!!

Lmao, with time…

Thank you, yes I’m over halfway through and yes it’s a girl💝

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That’s a good technique

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It’s worked so far! All three of my best friends :heart:


I have about four good close friends I talk to regularly. One of them is always going off the deep end though and smoking crack. It really pisses me off because he has so much potential and he cops a super shitty attitude when he’s high.

Sorry to complain about my troubles though. Enough of me.

I hope you find some good friends @Human . You seem really sweet and authentic. I think those are valued traits nowadays.


Aw glad you have a few close friends! that sounds nice… I feel like my friends are too busy for me :confused:

Thanks Monte!
I try to be nice but I honestly don’t know if that’s a quality people really look for…


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You welcome. :slight_smile:

Yeah, all my friends live in different states. Sometimes I wish I had some friends in my city.

And being kind and authentic is always a desired quality. Because of covid a lot of people feel very alienated nowadays.

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Same… I wish I had friends in my town/city as well!

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: I think a lot of people do feel alienated…

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I have a friend I talk to everyday. I’m so grateful. That’s not easy to find


I isolated myself from most of my old friends when I left Facebook when I was psychotic. My old friends mostly live out of state now. So, the fact that I don’t really have but one irl friend now is sort of of my own making.

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Ah I gotcha :confused: @Bowens

Sorry to hear, we all make mistakes while psychotic

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