It helps to write things down

I just gave my cooking confidence a boost by writing down the recipe that was given to me verbally. I knew I couldn’t remember it all and finally admitted it. sz can be too proud.


I have an on going text to myself for all kinds of stuff I normally forget.

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I used to do that, I filled out a whole journal and then came back to it later on to read what I wrote — it was garbage and made no sense at all

I wrote a lot of nonsense when I was more severely ill, too
Now, I write to set things straight in my head.

I write things down too. Many times I use object displacements to remember things though. Like I will put a object on my keyboard to remember a specific thing, or put a odd object on my clothes before I go to bed to remember a specific thing when I wake up.

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I write notes to myself and put them in an obvious place.

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