Do you keep a journal?

I am having a hard time letting things out, I really want to let out what I’m feeling, i got a book a few weeks ago to write in but haven’t been able to start it. I really want to, the idea of writing appeals to me but every time allot time for it I can’t put pen to paper, I used to write on when I first became unwell but my mum read it when she first thought something major was going on. I never really got over it but I understand why she did it and it was necessary. But now I can’t seem to let anything out and she is encouraging me to write. I wondered whether journal prompts would help but I just want to free write.

Do any of you guys keep a journal? What is your process? And is it helpful?


Yes I always keep a daily journal.
Even when I can’t think of something to write, I’ll manage to mark down something.
Even if it’s a smiley face.

It’s a good idea @Dante13


I write in a journal off and on. Sometimes I will go for a while without writing. When I get stressed I write in it more or if I have something interesting to write about. Journal prompts are good. I should get into using them every day. They have a bunch of journal prompt lists on pinterest.

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I tried a sz journal for a little while, I would write about my treatments daily wellness and symptoms

I would bring it with me to my therapist so I could remember things to talk about. it only lasted a couple months though because eventually I had no symptoms to report on and really nothing to write about.

they can really help

I had a food journal a couple of months ago. Now I have a prayer journal.

I created a google docs spreadsheet to keep track of everything about my day, moods, activities, walks, meds, supplements, # cups coffee etc etc, been doing this about 6 years now. It’s fun and helps me remember what happened in the past. I’m not very good at keeping a regular journal. My writing is poor.

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If you find it easier you could also keep a journal on your phone in the notes section or there are plenty of apps for it.

I keep too many journals :joy:

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I go through phases, on and off, journaling. I keep an art journal sometimes too. I decided to try an online journal because I don’t seem interested in a paper format anymore. Penzu.

I journal when my symptoms act up usually, or I feel something’s off and needs to be reported. I share it with my therapist and plan to share with my pdoc as well.

Thank you everyone, I am going away to my acupuncture training on Thursday, my mum is taking me and picking me up on the Monday, I am scared of being on my own but it’s two hours each way so can’t commute we can’t afford for mum to stay she’ll be on call though for me, I usually get a coach but that cant be done this time, I have time in my room each day I was going to take my journal with me and conquer the first page syndrome. I may need it because I am on my own apart from when I’m with class colleagues. I’m thinking I will be okay but having something I can off load with will help, I take my tablet with me so can look up prompts I have looked on Pinterest and saved a few different types. I was thinking of doing mood, voices scales too, to keep a track of things. I really want to do it, it’s just starting that is the issue.

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I just write whatever pops Into my head. I find it hard to journal cause I can’t focus on just one thing.

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I keep a prayer journal that I’ve been keeping for years and years. Since at least 2004.

I keep a journal, mainly so I don’t forget things.

Yes I kept a series of journals for over 15 years. I can’t survive the turmoil within without writing it down. Best therapy there is!

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