I need to stop playing lotto

Every week I am spending £10-£20

I have been pinning my hopes on something that’s a 1 in 14,000,000 chance of winning

Think whilst I still have the money, I have been kidding myself that I could win and pay off the flat and not have financial worries

It’s incredibly stupid. I need to stop

But what else can I use as a driver for hope?


Yeah it’s a dream but that is gambling.

If you can’t afford it it’s not worth it. You’ve more chance of getting hit by lightning than winning the lotto. Simple thing I do is what else to do with your money? I’m not really a gambler because I save for most things and I spend my money on what will make me happy now…I try not to live the pipe dream which isn’t going to happen…

As too hope. Simply taking responsibility for your own finances helps. Spend it where you get something good out of it. Hobbies. Tv as in streaming. Leisure time is good to spend money on . Gambling is for the rich really. They don’t call horse racing the sport of kings for nothing! :slight_smile:


The problem is every time I download the app it’s so easy, almost too easy to put money on it and spend on tickets

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When i feel down on my luck I spend 6 bucks on a lotto once a week. It works, its called paying for hope.
Buys me some time while sorting out life.

Buying multiple tickets will not really increase your already hilarious odds of winning so just leave it in the hands of the universe with one ticket


Maybe remove the app. I’ve played lotto a lot and most you win is enough to spend on more lotto. You don’t really win in the game. But as Lemmy once said. Gambling is for fools…


Paying to feel some sort of hope kinda sucks. I guess it’s a trap that needs to be avoided

I will have to wait as I have tickets for Friday. But after that one is passed I think I will remove the app

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Yeah it does but it was one little tool to keep me away from the alternative of suicide at the time.

Now that im better i feel little need to buy one. I might buy one every other month or if im on a vacation


You aren’t alone, I have the same problem. I can’t stop buying tickets. I don’t expect I will win, but it is nice to imagine the possibility of being finacially independant.

I think it is a side effect of the brexpiprazole I am on, I never gambled on olanzapine. I know aripiprazole is also known to cause people to gamble.


I play Euromillions once a week. Won 3 or 4 numbers once before. Got 12 quid as a prize lol


Here in Australia a lot of the money goes towards a good cause, for example our clubhouse is partly funded by the lottery.
Here in Australia and in other countries you can play all you got on gambling, especially online. You are aware, that is the important part. I don’t believe anymore in gambling, i had therapy, cause of my gambling addiction. A gambler is happy when he lost it all. I have been there, still meet hopeless gamblers asking me for a dollar to make a bet at the horses.


Still not worth it when you can afford it. Better to burn the money - at least it gives you a bit of light and warmth.


My policy for playing lotto is to play 1 set of numbers for every draw. You still have a chance to win yet keeping costs low.

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£10- £20 a week isn’t a lot. How much do you spend on smoking. Maybe set limit at £5 or £10 a week.


Lottery demotivate everyone arround you if you win, and if not you are just not lucky.
I did think of loterry the entire day,
I reached a conclusion with an example,

I win a lottery,
And was thinking the best thing i could do with it.
I cant enjoy with it anyways because of sz,
If i donate to some research there wont be the drive in research as well.
If i spend my time in earning and do share my portion to research, which will go well.
People are not demotivated and I dont go with luck, i control the things arround me.
Simple terms from history lottery is :smiling_imp:.

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Much more than that!

I played the scratch off lotteries before. I think I broke even in winning money. But I could see how someone could get addicted to gambling. I got to where every time we went to town I was anxious to play. I finally had to quit.


Try the uk postcode lottery. Not saying you should gamble, but i often win the odd tenner which covers the entry. The odds are far better.

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I need to stop throwing dice for dimes behind the corner store……

Homie is down 14k.


Playing lotto is a good analogy for some types of mental illness. The person finds that a plausible result can occur from a possibility based on involvement in something with an improbable likelihood. Its like thinking some spy tech is watching you because you read some research that said their might be a possibility the technology could exist despite many factors against it actually being implemented. Its a tough thing for the mind to compute things like this especially when there is something real like a lotto ticket or amazing af advanced technology that makes something unreal seem like its real.

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