Having a tough time with friendship!

I am a 46 year old single male with no children, i have a few friends about 3 of them, Within the last 3 or 4 years, i have been losing contact with them as they all marry and have children, and get on in life, i was working in a book shop for about 15 years but i lost my job late last year, i feel so lonely, schizophrenia is a lonely illness No one really understands schizophrenia or they think they know and think you are going to murder or kill them. i have never been violent in all my life even people who know for years sometimes think i am going to kill them! Does anyone relate? By the way sorry for the rant, rant over! sean


I don’t have any friends. I don’t really want to make friends. Although it would be nice to have some friends so I could say I had some because people can be judgmental about that.

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I’ve given up on any meaningful kind of relationship with other humans.

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I’m sorry, my circle of 2-3 friends has mostly moved on to focus on their careers and families too. I’m a little younger than you, but yeah it definitely stings.


I’m 30 and it seems like my friendships are all virtual. I’m worried about opening up to ppl about my illness for that reason

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People can be judgemental about not having friends, and its lonely, you’re totally right dividedself

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I have a few friends left, mostly Married with Children except for one who drives me nuts with his complaining LOL

Between contacts, there is a whole lot of time to fill, and that can be difficult and lonely at times

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