My friends leave me

All my friends stopped talking to me or hanging out with me once I became sz so now I just have this forum and my mom for socializing makes me feel bad but oh well

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That is sad. I hope you make new friends

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I’m so sorry to hear that! Please don’t be down on yourself

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I lost a lot of friends too. Don’t despair though.

There’s still cool and open minded people in the world who like schizophrenics.

Do you have a clubhouse in your area you can join?

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No clubhouse I’m aware of I’m very agoraphobic though (or whatever that means where you stay inside) so maybe its a good thing

Got ya. Maybe use Facebook or other social media to branch out and meet people in your area?

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I don’t have any friends that I talk to regularly anymore either, so you aren’t alone.

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My parents are really my only real friends. I lost all my friends after I got sz. I made new real life friends while on Abilify but many were bad, bad illegal drugs. I wasn’t able to filter them because of Abilify. Stopped Abilify, took Risperdal and lost them all irl. One good friend still video chat me but I am never able to hangout with him. I tell myself that having bad friends is worse than no friends.

I wish one day that I hangout with that good friend. Maybe a future med treating negative symptoms…

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btw I don’t know if I asked you already but did you try Abilify?

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Yes it made me really sick for some reason I couldn’t handle it

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I can relate to that.

How old were you when this happened @johpollck ? And how long did you know them for?

I was lucky in that my friends didn’t understand what was going on, but knew I wasn’t acting myself and had something medically wrong with me.

I think it’s quite sad that your friends abandoned you for becoming unwell - its not exactly your fault. Is it possible to write an email/text one or two that you were close to? Maybe just say something like “sorry I’ve been acting weird lately. I’ve been mentally unwell. I am taking medication for it now and hope to get back to normal. It would mean a lot to me if we could still be friends, but I understand if you don’t want to.”
Even if they don’t respond, its worth trying - what do you have to lose?

Try and imagine what the situation looked like from their perspective and how strange of an experience it was to them. They may not be aware of what schizophrenia actually is.

My Mother Passed Away. My Father…, Passed Away. I Was Heartbroken. And Confused. I Sought Light. Found Light. Before My Father Passed, I Adopted a Pup. Her Name Was/Is Lacy. After My Mother Passed. Years Later. After I Adopted Lacy. A Couple Years Later. Lacy Passed. Before My Dad Passed. After Lacy Passed. My Dad Passed.


My The Rest of My Family Left Me Homeless. The Light Was Nearly Gone.

Then. My Therapist Found Me a New Home. The Light Returned.

Then. My Therapist Left. Then. The Light Left Again.

Then. I Went to Another Home. Then. Another One. Then. Another One.

And Now. Here I Am.

And The Light. After Some Tough Times. And Some Soul Searching. The Light Returned.

For There Always is…, Light…, Light At The End Of The Tunnel. Even When…,

Even When it’s Not Over… . … :sleeping:


This happened to me too about 6 years ago.

I hope there is a way to reverse this.

Apart from here I do not feel attached to my community.

If it wasn’t for this site, I would be alone

It feels like I put too much socialising pressure on my parents

has anyone here seen john nash son story,he was kind of successful with his ilness,hes 66 now,hes friends visit him, and hes got doctors around him,hes got support.we should asspire to be like him,we should never loose hope my friends.

no one is alone my,friend.everyone finds where they belong in the end.i hope u meet someone like u,that u get along with.

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I miss having friends to hang out with.
A bit lonely.
I have friends in spirit I think.

Love :two_hearts: and good friendship wishes to us.

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maybe the medication is making us a bit lonely. i dont know.

Not really, I was more lonely when unmedicated. I was fearing ppl even my parents.

I meet people in places where groups of mentally ill gather, over the years. Like at a day program, at a monthly dinner for the mentally ill, at a drop-in center, and at a support group. I have about 5 friends this way.