Hell Realm

There are those that live as Gods with little care or empathy for others. There are the demigods so concerned with power that cruelty and sadism pervades their very pores. There are humans that see every realm but experience them only mildly. There is the animal realm only concerned with food and survival. There are the hungry ghosts concerned with the desire for ‘drugs’ who are always craving and cannot be satiated and finally there are those in the hell realm where all manners of happiness are extinguished brutally and a sense of a never ending unhappiness pervades completely.

I contend that schizophrenics are in the hell realm! How is this not the case?


Because of recovery.

SZ in its depths is definitely a hell though, but it’s not for life if you’re knowledgeable enough.

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Hell is paved with the illusion that in order to live in recovery we have to take drugs that have their very own misery printed on the side effects pamphlet. :frowning:

This is hell, prove me wrong?

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I tend to agree with the Stoics in that as long as you are virtuous and ok with your conscience “external” and physical events can’t make your life a complete hell.


Making hell bearable with meditation helps me greatly, but nevertheless I am in my own, personal and unique hell taking away sz altogether. My conscience is now clear knowing I never had full autonomy.

Still those plagued with voices, madness, delusion and persecution, let alone avolition and negative connotations of schizophrenia lead me to believe that although we can mask it with momentary happiness underneath it all plays a hellish backdrop.


That is true.

Only pharma I took today was 0.5 mg Haldol. Feel pretty decent. Been up like 8 hours.

But I also take Amyloban and Wen Dan Pian. And some other stuff geared towards healing my gut / brain axis.

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I’ve had thoughts that we’re in hell before.

But, how could this be hell when there are so many wonderful things around us?

Music, nature, animals, good people, good food, a kind deed…

Lots of tiny blessings prove otherwise.

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To be able to see the good things without the ability to enjoy or truly appreciate them serves only to remind us of the joy and happiness that we can only aspire to but never have. It is the unattainable, just out of grasp never achievable happiness that remind us of our position.

To not know why we suffer is an additional concept to prove of our damnation for if we knew why we suffered it would be quantified and made easier to endure.

If you look at nature through the lower animals eyes then the cold, oppressive predatory nature of it would come to full view. Fear and hunger pervades in nature and it is only through human form can we skew the reality of it to beauty when to them it is far from it.

Good food is a principle where in order to sustain life in this hell one must predate on other animals. Even if you were vegan you cannot avoid cruelty for the maintenance of crops kills trillions of insects and the food chain around it. Food and the need for it proves if anything the true nature of this plane of existence and it is predatory.

I am yet to meet a ‘good’ person in real life, but that is personable to me alone. Possibly there are good ones out there, but few and far between.

I am not saying that in hell a few little blessings cannot happen, for to know evil then the good must exist to realise it.

I am also not saying that heaven doesn’t exist here on earth, but those that share this plane of existence can be hell while others can be in heaven. It is not mutually exclusive.

Sorry, i didn’t mean to bring you down.

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I disagree that it’s unobtainable, but see how you might feel that way given the nature of the illness.

The fact is that it’s an illness-- questioning “why” all the time only leaves more questions, and more pain. I’ve found it’s better to stop questioning this condition and accept it for what it is-- which I believe is a shitty disorder of the brain.

Life is life. Animals must eat to survive. There are certainly predatory aspects of survival, however it’s not done in malice.

There are methods of farming, such as permaculture, which use the land in symbiotic ways. Insects are repelled using natural substances and crops are grown using the most nature-friendly methods.

Veganism is certainly a more humane dining option for those concerned.

As far as edible plants go, they’re typically not perennial growers, so harvest occurs as part of the natural life cycle of the organism.

Many good people exist. I believe this forum serves as proof, for starters :slightly_smiling_face:.

I think your concept of hell comes from an ‘christian’ ideology where hell exists in a plane all of its own. A place where hell exists for its own sake and all in it is evil.

What I am trying to convey is that while some live in heaven on earth, others live either as demi-gods, humans, animals, hungry ghosts and in the hell realm all here on earth!

I do not believe that there is no goodness or that a life can be transformed from one realm to another while existing on this planet, but that while one person may be in heaven another lives as if in hell.

I contend most szs live in the hell realm. Just take a look at this site for evidence of that and these are the ones capable of going online.

Most humans live in a deluded sense of self and reflect it on others. Perhaps, it is I who is deluded or perhaps I see the grim reality only of the hell realm, who knows?

This is Samsara and all hells and heavens reside in it.

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IMO you’re in a chronically stressed state and haven’t experienced sheer bliss in a long time. If you experience that you don’t know how it could get better. Literally your concept of heaven.

I’m not talking orgasmic bliss, I’m talking like you’re not doing anything and just feel beside yourself in happiness bliss.

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Hmmmm, imma have to disagree with you. I realize that life may be hell on earth for some, while another’s reality may be completely opposite.

Everyone has their own share of struggles, many of which are invisible to an outsider. I think it’s important to take a step back and remember that life is hard for everyone in one way or another.

I don’t think you’re deluded-- perhaps you’re just going through some shiiit, you’re viewing things through a negative lens, and you’ve created this explanation for yourself as to why and how things seem very shiity at the moment.

I wish you peace and happiness, @labratmat :sunflower:

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I’m recently trying to take on the concept that I by no means should feel that I deserve more than the next person, or my neighbour. The feeling that one misses out on something is a premise that is manufactured in our brains.

Some people might get high because they feel they have acsess to something that most other people don’t wheter it is hapiness, resources, sex or whatever. But this is just a concept made up in each individual brain.

There is nothing to be envious of when we look at humanity as a whole. The young soldier that never got to experience love. The young child that died of cancer and never got to blossom into adulthood. There are so many different faiths here on earth. I find the best way to live is be happy for the things I have and focus on helping others. Mind you I haven’t always felt like this. I have been caught up in feeling envious, but that only made my life miserable. I blame the system partly for people falling into this trap of envy. A lot of media gives the impression that everyone is happy except you. Once this false claim is knocked down it is easier to accept that life is only what each individual makes it out to be in their mind.

Btw, thanks for the tip about saying the word compassion. I use that as a mantra quite regularly and it is helping me.


I’m mainly in hell today because I have to work the phone and hassle people for money they don’t have. That part of my job sucks. 2020 was not a wonderful year, but I’ve had worse.

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I thought you had stubbed your toe for a second… :rofl:

Did that earlier this morning. Asshat plough operator pushed a bunch of ice chunks from the roadway onto the walking trail and I didn’t see one of them in the dark. I may have used improper language.



Not true. I meditate for an hour and a half most days and sometimes the bliss is overwhelming.

With my contention, I am merely surmising how I see the world. Most of the time I am neutral or happy. :slight_smile:


My personal hell is that no meds I have ever tried have worked to alleviate the constant onslaught of attacks from other people’s spirits and attachments or demons, whatever you would like to call them. Last night I was told I chose this to be tested by God and that it isn’t real. I feel like other people I see or think of (or if they think of me) immediately hover over me and take control. And if I fight it gets worse and my cells vibrate. So I can relate to the feeling of having no full autonomy.

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