Is this telepathy

When you hear a voice telling you something? Are they telepathically reaching you? Is this possible?

What about with visions? Can someone transmit visions to your head to communicate with you?

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No one can communicate telepathically. But I know what you are going through.

I hated that feeling. :disappointed_relieved:

Nobody like the NSA?

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It is scary cos no one can really prove it is not real to me.


I just absolutely freak out at the idea.

So I just choose to believe it is not real and I hope that does the trick to get rid of it, protect my mind.

Well I like to believe so. That it does the trick.

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Not the NSA or any other Intelligence or national security body.

There is nothing significant about you. You are ordinary just like the rest of us.

Try to keep yourself busy if you can. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just don’t feel like I’m ordinary.


You are very ordinary, just like me.

It is just cos you are unwell that you feel like these ideas.


When you have sz you’re probably gonna have delusions (eg thought insertion or telepathy…). This idea is delusional so you just have to ignore it. Usually I ignore it when I catch myself and then I just do what I want. Sooner or later I end up having better stuff to think of. I hold my autonomy very dearly.

How do I really know I’m ordinary? I look rich.

Because everyone is ordinary. Why would you be an exception.

We are all just humans.

Not some extra terrestrial things.

I just worry it was the NSA communicating with me or some other agency. By sending me visions/images of things.

That kind of technology does not exist. And even if it did, why would the NSA waste it’s time sending images to you? What would be their purpose in doing so?

The purpose would be to scare/warn/harass me?

Why you though?

Maybe they do this to other people too? I don’t think I’m the only one this happens to.

Do you have any family members or therapists you can discuss your delusions with?

I’ve never had persistent delusions beyond my psychotic episodes.

That’s not what they are in operation for. They have absolutely no reason to want to scare/warn/harass you. They are there for National Security issues, not to harass citizens for no apparent reason.

Then maybe it’s not the NSA, but some other agency? And I’m sure there’s an apparent reason.

I thought that you use to think they were visions of a religious nature? Now it seems you are just changing one delusion for another. No one is sending you visions.

No the visions were of North Korea. But I don’t want to get on that topic again…