Who believes in telepathy?

and how do u explain ur belief. i used to believe but the more i think about the impact it would have on the recipients life the more i doubt that it’s real. they r supposed to b able to c through my eyes, hear what i think, hear through my ears, c my imaged thoughts and feel what i feel physically and emotionally. according to them, the volume is very low and the sight is very small inside their minds. but i don’t believe its real. what do u believe and how do u explain it?

i believe im in my own individual special universe.
and there are some spectators, or co creators which can
intervene in my excistence.
and apperently they now can see/read me, as an entity

yet im not special, im just a pee in the pot
everyone here could be in his/her individual special universe

I have my whole life. Both my maternal grandmother and my father had/have a touch of ESP. but then again, maybe it’s a touch of mental illness instead. I know the general consensus in the scientific and mental health community is that telepathy is not real, but I personally know otherwise and am comfortable agreeing to disagree on this subject. It’s hard to use for specific purposes, and is mostly random insights about somebody, or knowing what somebody’s going to say just before they say it. thinking about somebody you havent talked to in ages and within twenty minutes they call on the phone. I have also experienced the phenomenon of psychometry, or “object reading”. when i worked for the goodwill doing pricing, i would occasionally have vivid visions of an every-day scene involving the item and it’s previous owner. I am certain these experiences contributed to my diagnosis of SZA, but for me this does not invalidate any of them.

yes i believe, and though i have many experiences, one is i knew my niece who lives 6 hours away was not herself and that she was in danger of being run over.
my wife rang her sister on the mobile they were out walking a long a road my niece was running ahead , and my sister in law said that her daughter/my niece was extremely vague and she had already got near to running into the road.
take care

I used to believe in telepathy. I was smoking a lot of marijuana and thought I had a special connection with people. Wound up going to the hospital and haven’t done it since. I’m not sure if I believe in it anymore.


It often appears mystical and magical but if you look at positive symptoms it’s pretty well covered by science!

Drugs can often mimic symptoms such as telepathy which is probably a good indicator to you that it’s a chemical process!

With schizophrenia and other mental disorders, the changes in brain chemistry often reveal themselves with similar patterns of experience! One often feels that history is littered with folks who’ve suffered with schizophrenia!

A friend in the struggle, Rogueone.

Stigma creates superstition. In this case, in our case, we’re told we’re all so different. And we believe it… and our familiarity becomes a telepathy. Everything we have in common. Because… “we have nothing in common. We’re different.” But we aren’t… We were just told that, and we believed it. So… what other explanations are there than the superstitious ones?

The bible says God thinks with us…
The bible appears to be geared towards a world filled with schizos…
It makes it seem like being schizo is equivalent to being close to God

I was pushed. The presence… “pushed me”. Set me off kilter… Touched me. Ruined my mind… my conscience. Is that the negligence of gawd?

Well, it got your attention right?
Not saying it’s Him for sure but just think. Any plan we come up with might work, His is sure to work because He always thinks to go the extra yard to finish the job. Just a humble Christians possibility,.imo there should be no question wether or not God hides amongst the voices

I don’t believe in telepathy. If it was real then someone, somewhere, since the dawn of man, would have been able to demonstrate and prove it. It’s just superstition and the tragic imaginings of the mentally ill.

Telepathy i believe can be possible. Other people reading other people’s thoughts and them relaying their thoughts. We do this sort of with our cell phones and texting. Maybe soon with advances in technology. Maybe if you implant something like in your teeth/filling or eye lens we can relay the same info. around.

That’s interesting, especially about the objects. Though I’ve never experienced telepathy, stories like this make me think that some people do.

Between humans and God, their own mind/spirit, and maybe angels…Yes!
Assuming you believe in those things doing that.

I was always effected by the minds of other people…thoughts, emotions, mental state. It can be a problem. I’m not into new age stuff but “psychic empathy” describes it well. I’ve heard it can be a symptom of sz, but I’m not so sure.

telepathy is rubbish in my honest opinion. i just don’t think that the human mind, without some technological interface is capable of mind to mind communication. if it were there would have to be some type of electrical carrier for the sound. be it microwaves, radiowaves, whatever and it/they would be detectable scientifically. at present they are not and i don’t think they ever will be, unless you’re talking about sub atomic particles but even they are mesurable. i think one of the latest theories sounds promising. that in certain individuals the language centres of the brain are in a type of r.e.m sleep stage whilst the owner of said brain is awake. when we dream our minds are able to create a vast array of characters who we can converse with on virtually any topic. we can touch, see, talk, smell, taste and feel sensations in our dreams and that’s all i think schizophrenia is (plus voices related to trauma) that would also go part way to explaining the apathy felt by some individuals and lack of motivation. if part of your brain is basically asleep and dreaming then you are not likely to move around too much. you don’t get full body paralysis like you do in proper sleep but for some it’s fight just to get out of bed. of course it would be when your brain is half asleep i think it’s sending chemical messages to tell you you are asleep that make you not want to move around. for some people meds work for this and also quell voices. that’s my take on telepathy anyway :slight_smile:

Hello jaynebeal

I like your thinking here, but my idea goes just a little bit different and that is that the people(characters) in the minds of those here and other places are actually souls of many of this world and others. The soul is in two parts the part experiencing and then the higher mind which is encased in what I call a treemend. I believe that a entity that holds thousands of souls within it enters into the treemend and unpacks itself inside of it. If I touch you inside of this treemend you will feel it here, if I talk to you there you will also here it or feel the thoughts. Your treemend is like a matrix and can store many lifetimes of information in it.


I do not believe in telepathy, though I have done so in the past. I think some light can be shed on the phenomenon of hallucinations if one takes seriously their contents, without making assumptions of how they come about. I think thought insertion and hallucination are the phenomena that are mysterious, telepathic delusions only some way of accounting for them.

Content-wise, typically my hallucinations and intrusive thoughts are thoroughly questioning issues about myself I used to be confident about. This ranges from everyday action that I would normally confidently perform, while in psychosis, these actions are commented negatively upon and being questioned accordingly. But it ranges also to more profound issues I used to be confident about. Like my sexuality, my capabilities, my appreciation of others.

Now, to speculate, everyone has something of a tacit narrative that defines their identity - this includes those issues you are so confident about that you usually do not even think of them explicitly. This confidence in what defines your identity may be so strong that whatever goes against it is suppressed, it is simply not experienced for it does not fit the frame. When, however, the confidence in this self-narrative as a whole is shaken, thoughts questioning it may be surfacing into experience. (Rather than the inexplicable alien thoughts causing the loss of confidence, although this may be a reciprocal process, I think it starts with a shaking of confidence).
The tacit self narrative now becomes an explicit issue for me, and hence its negation comes into experience as a possibility. Possibly, there is enough adherence to the self-narrative left to make for a sort of top-down effect of disowning the thoughts that question it - resulting in these thoughts to be experienced as alien: hallucination or intrusive thoughts.

Models have been proposed that argue the other way around (notably Frith): these are rather bottom-up in saying the thoughts become disowned due to some mechanism of thought attribution being broken. These accounts have difficulty to account for (or even discuss) the contents of hallucinations and intrusive thoughts. It seems to me to be significant that contentwise, these are not your everyday thoughts differing only in form (being disowned). There is a conflict of content between these phenomena and the things I used to take for granted about myself. Hence, minimally, this is not the whole story to me.

There’s no real way of telling whether the objective reality that we share with other people is more real than the subjective reality that we experience alone with ourselves. I struggle with knowing what is real and what is not because of some strange experiences. I think I have predicted the future on many occasions but I’m not going to argue about how that fits into the “real” world. Maybe it doesn’t need to fit in at all and can still make sense.

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