Is this right?


Hi, I’m new here. I don’t know if this is a problem
But the voices are telling me not to eat that much anymore. They say that there are poisons in food.
Is this a proublem?

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I hope you get some answers you need.

having the paranoia kick in and amp up the voices into thinking food is poisoned is not that uncommon.
My friend, you need to go see a doc and talk and get some answers for yourself.


I’ve had this problem before. I was only allowed to eat food I made to make sure no one poisoned me. I couldn’t eat out for a long time.

I’ve had this problem, when i started to get really sick about two weeks before being admitted the first time into the hospital i would only eat food after my partner tasted it in front of me. The best thing to do is go to a doctor with this problem and tell him or her about it.

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This will be a problem if it continues, you will starve to death. Not by poison, but by lack of nutrients.

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The best advice I can give u is not to take a blind bit of notice of what the voices say. They r talking crap. Personally mine have never told me that my food was poisoned but have told me other stuff that just simply ist true. Don’t take any notice of them hunni. Go see a shrink and try some medication. Hope this helps xxx

thought i would say hi , i can get thoughts/voices like that especially images that are hard to get out of my head, but we all need food to stay healthy, maybe eat food that is organic with no pesticides that way you know it is healthy for your body.
take care

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