Issues With Eating

Hello there forum,

I need some help. So to give you the context, I am diagnosed as Schizoaffective. I am not currently medicated because I cannot afford healthcare at present time. Now normally, I’m a pretty good eater. I work at a restaurant so I’ve gained a bit of a habit of eating some food from time to time with no problem. However, I recently have been having some issues with my voices telling me that someone poisoned my food. I, of course, panic or throw it up within the span of ten minutes. I started of at home, my voices pinning it on my fiance, so I would instead wait to eat until I was at work. But now I can’t even eat at work or anywhere else without wanting to purge it back up. Has anyone been able to handle this or have any tips with dealing with it without medication? As much as I would like to take a pill and not deal with it, my pocket isn’t able to grant that right now.

And thank you in advance


I got the “someone poisoned my food” delusion for a few months a couple years ago. At the time I could have sworn it tasted different.

I did purge with sza but it was just 2 or 3 times because the voices told me the pills were poison. That stuff is over now though as I got through it and have been effectively delusion free the whole year. I am limited to suffering from hallucinations. The most recent doctor to tell me it’s all in my head clicked with me permanently.

So either you are throwing up because you feel bad to your stomach / throat / esophagus… or because voices telling you? I feel like the most obvious choice for the physical symptoms might be a regular ol’ medical doctor, but I could be wrong. Unless it’s voices, in which case a psychiatrist.

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