Is this common?

does anyone else here worry that somewhere along the way he/she suffered traumatic brain injury and that’s why the brain doesn’t do as well as he/she would like?

I am told it is the sz in me, but I continually wonder.


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For me, hoping it was a brain injury was a form of denial. But alas, I was crumbling long before and had no injuries that would have caused a brain injury. My physical hospital records are all broken arm, cuts, and chicken pox. Other then that, I’m pretty physically healthy.

A brain injury was wishful thinking. Then I could blame it all on that and pretend that I didn’t have SZ. Wasn’t meant to be. I have SZ and the sooner I just admit that, the soon I can work on kicking it down.

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i understand. I also try to face that I am mentally/emotionally disabled but certain people keep trying to make me feel like it is all only because I am lazy. I should stop pretending I have a disability so people would feel sorry for me is how those people see it and they try to impose this view on me. this is all hurtful.


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I freaked out in a psyche ward years ago because I thought I had epilepsy. I had read that trauma to the head such as a hard blow can trigger epilepsy even if the blow came years before. And I suddenly remembered a specific incident in high school when I was playing tackle football with friends and they ganged up on me on one play and two of them deliberately each gave me a hard forearm shot to my head which left me stunned. I freaked out so bad in this psyche ward that four male orderlies grabbed me and marched me to a small room and strapped me face down to a table and chained all my limbs by leather cuffs so I couldn’t move. My first experience with restraints.

does it matter !!
the pebble has already been thrown , has hit the water, and the ripples are already forming…
what is …is meant to be…you are perfect as you are.
take care


what they did to you was barbaric, i am glad that i kept out of those places, everytime i read those stories from you and others i admire that all of you got through that and managed to be strong enough to get out again.
take care

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Yeah, thanks darksith. That is EXACTLY the word I thought of once they let me go.


do you also feel much better when others here have similar issues to your own? I am breathing a sigh of relief. first of all, hopefully my brain isn’t physically altered or damaged hopefully it is sz only. that gives me more hope of recovery. secondly I don’t like to think that there is someone out there that has hurt me like that. it just isn’t pleasant to say the least.


its common to think that your brain has been tampered with (implants, surgeries). I actually had birth trauma, I was born blue and with fluid in my lungs, they call that a blue baby. SCZ also runs on my paternal side, and I was bullied and molested before puberty so I match with all of the causation theories simultaneously.

Sometimes it is an injury. c. was in an accident that threw him through the back of a pickup truck window and knocked him unconcious. He had a concussion. But, he also abused drugs…it is like Sith said-at some point, it doesn`t matter what caused it. My son was also put into restraints…he was in the hospital more times than I can count. I feel very guilty. I had no support and was he was so noncompliant. Support is SO !@#$ important!!! So sorry Nick that this also happenend to you. I remember my son being held down by 4 men-looking like a wild animal…me trying to knock some heads and being hauled out of there…I do not like to look back.
I am sorry Blessed, to get off your thread. X

As long as you have others on your side, let those certain people …go their OWN way.

do you also feel much better when others here have similar issues to your own,
It helps that others are in the fight with you.You are not alone. I am so grateful for this site:(

I guess you could call this a delusion? I landed on my neck one time and was almost convinced for the longest time that I was really in a coma.
I wish I had been able to get help.
I think that sz is probably easier to deal with than a brain injury.

I met a guy who was in a car wreck and suffered a brian injury. He had a good job, he had a marriage gearing up, he had a nice house, it was all going right for him… bang… car crash. Wheel chair, can’t move his legs, can’t do his old job, reads at a 3rd grade level now, angry as anything. I would be too if I was on top of my game and with in 10 minutes, cut so low.

I’m sort of OK with the fact that my illness came on so young and so slowly that I just had to learn to cope with each new act of the head circus. I didn’t loose everything in one simple stoke. I never had anything to loose. So I never knew the difference.

I whacked my head pretty fiercely against a sharp rock when I was 3 and when my osychosis started I linked it to that saying ‘they put an implant in my head and use my subconscious for storing government secrets’, it was my parents thinking it could be temporal lobe epilepsy or an arachnoid cyst, I had an MRI when I was in hospital and nothing showed I think it hit my mum hard she’s a nurse and would much rather that to schiz, but she’s not in that phase any more.

We’re back there at the moment; awaiting an appointment letter from a neurologist, I don’t know how I’d be if they think my schiz is a symptom of something bigger, I think it would knock me, that all this time it’s been something physical? Also it would be more of a life sentence because if it is damage in the brain then there’s no escape whereas right now I have that hope that meds will take it away,’ it’s just excess dopamine and meds can control
that’ there’s the hope in a few years time I could be coming off meds because I’m practically symptom free and am coming off to have children. However if it’s something physical; my brain won’t Change, my meds are controlling it to their best ability but like every other time coming off meds, I’ll lose myself

I know this can happen with schiz and I’m aware I probably do just have schiz but it doesn’t stop the wondering, I’d rather have schiz.

Sorry if I’ve been too blunt or anything…
Go steady and take care,

exactly. it seems we all agree that sz is much better than brain damage.

it is just too bad when we worry if it is even worse than it is.


I acutally have a traumatic brain injury. Recovered well, was able to return to a functioning life, started doing drugs and now I have all the symptoms of schizophrenia, and about five other mental illnesses.

how very sad. I am sorry to hear that. judy

I don’t worry about that, it happened to me, three times i cracked my skull open.

I look at the before and after pictures and it’s astounding.

But i don’t really worry about it though, i mean honestly, who gives a ■■■■?!

When I first started getting symptoms I noticed my memory and attention were really getting screwed up. I thought I was developing a brain tumor. Though I didn’t really care too much about it. I figured if it was a tumor, I’d let it take it’s course and rather not know the details. You know, “Ignorance is bliss.”

Luckily it was just the start of the craziness? Lol.