Traumatic brain injury

the unusual belief is that as a baby I endured traumatic brain injury by a woman very similar to my supervisor at work today. the dr. who saved my life afterwards is very similar to my pdoc I had for most of my illness.

this unusual belief comes and goes and I wish I could look up the police records for that time and place and see if it is real and true like I imagine.


That’s a very interesting problem!

I live in my skin more comfortably than I might because I’m able to tolerate a fair amount of ambiguity.


yeah I have memories of having my head forced into some sort of clamping mechanism and being forced to inhale some sort of chemical that did some significant damage by burning out synapses or so they said as this was being done.

I have an unusual belief now and then that this may have happened and that it caused me to become very passive and shy due to the effects of the damage.

It’s really tough when you actually have memories of crazy stuff like this though…

i have unusual beliefs that i was tortured as a baby. i need it to be proved – what the truth is.


I think you need to tell your pdoc that Judy…that is not true…you would have no way of knowing if that is actually true that you were tortured as a baby…thus, the delusion seems real…I will pray that you get better Judy.

thanks Michael. and how have you been?

here it is hot hot hot summer and muggy and humid.

hugs, judy

I’ve been better since I quit drinking alcohol…it was keeping me delusional and now that I’ve put away the bottle I can hang up cigarettes a lot easier too, which I am going to attempt day after tomorrow…I’ve tried many times but I am convinced it’s a God thing this time…I know He doesn’t want me to be poor…plus it’s bad for me to boot…I am content painting in art class once a week and going to group on Mondays…my family has been really good about visiting a lot now and I am much happier because of it…I was hopeful that your relatives visiting would give you that “edge” you need to be happy…sometimes that backfires when there are no more visits I know…hang in there, Judy…you deserve happiness !!

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A certain amount of brain damage can happen during birth. Forceps digging you out, etc.

hi Michael. my mom is really sick now and me and relatives are trying to help her. so it is depressing.

otherwise the relatives were a great help to me as well.