Is this anhedonia

I can’t seem to find any interest to do anything in particular. All I do is lay in bed. I don’t mind laying in bed as it is quite comfortable. Aside from a focus group here and there that I do for money, I don’t feel quite interested in doing anything. I signed up for a class but am considering dropping it because I don’t feel like putting in the work. I don’t know is this anhedonia? My sister doesn’t do much either and she isn’t diagnosed with anything so I don’t know. I feel uneasy about it like I should be doing something but can’t figure out what to do.

If yoi were interested into so things or activities a lot or to some addiction and then dropped abruotly when got diagnosed, then yes it is sz anhedonia

yea i feel tired all the time and not able to do a lot.

If you don’t find pleasure in things, particularly things that you used to enjoy, then it is probably anhedonia. It could be a symptom of depression or negative symptoms of sz or it could be the meds. Not having motivation to do anything is more likely to be called avolition though.

I never used to really enjoy doing anything. Besides working. I enjoyed that. But I’m on disability now so can’t work. Though I didn’t always enjoy it.

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