How do you deal with anhedonia and avolition

It is so difficult to get out of bed each day, whether or not i have things planned. I hate lying around all day but i often find myself doing it because literally nothing sounds pleasurable. Even video games and reading and writing. its all just …blah usually.

I go to work 3 days a week and school 2 days a but i really don’t see the point in life at all though, feels very meaningless and sends me into a depressive episode. i don’t have the motivation to do tasks even if i did feel like life has meaning and purpose. not being able to finish, enjoy or make even the smallest of tasks (not even tasks all the time, just every day things) is like im trudging through mud.

does anyone have tips dealing with the apathy, the lack of motivation and the lack of pleasure that comes with being sz?

Takes years. The motivation waxes and wanes for me. So far it’s been waning. The anhedonia or lack of pleasure took a while to recover somewhat. I took several supplements over the years and I believe I also healed a bit with time. I like Vraylar a lot.

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i was on vraylar before i was on clozapine.
i’d also like to note that i don’t think this effect is from my medication. My body interacts with meds very differently than most people, i know the difference in feeling flat from meds and feeling flat from the illness

Seems like you’re higher functioning than me – a lot more. Do you recommend clozapine over Vraylar? Do you notice a difference?

i tried quite literally every antipsychotic before clozapine… none of them helped me, as i am treatment resistant. clozapine is intense.

and yeah, i have my good days and my bad days. it took me almost 4 years to go back to college. i tried to go after highscjhool but i had to get a medical withdrawal because i just couldnt do it. just one class.
im only taking one class right now though, philosophy bc that is interesting. i wish i had a better job though, im a dishwasher which feels kinda pathetic, only 15 hours a week on 8.60$ an hour…not the best lol but the other jobs i have had, even simple ones were so stress inducing. ughh

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I think you’re doing a really good job fighting against the avolition with taking the philosophy class and making it to work at all. You are doing better than a lot of people already I think. I’m sure it’s hard but keep it up.


Your doing great and ur productive I can’t even cross the street alone due to agrophobia and i can’t drive


I got these problems from risperidone. I excersise an hour a day and it is really helping. Try it

@arrgghh I have the same problem and it has been bad for about 9 weeks. Some people have told me it will spontaneously get better. In the past it was not severe. It is upsetting me. I have spoken to a doctor, a therapist, my mother, and friends. This weekend (starting today) might be a bad one. I come to this site a lot to feel better.

I stayed in bed until 11:30 with the justification that my brain had to heal (I’m currently healing from a painful brain injury.) It’s not that painful now though, I feel like I’m being a baby about it.

You’ll find your comfort level. Sometimes, you’re just on too many meds to function with less than like 10 hours of sleep, so you have to listen to your body otherwise you’ll be miserable.

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I’ve got the same problem and it has been a major challenge for the past ten years or so. However, I’m kinda high functioning or so my psychiatrist says and so I found this article that said vitamin B12 and Folic Acid can help. So I’ve been taking that and my regular meds and I’m feeling better, negative symptoms wise. Maybe try some multi vitamins and it B12 and Folic Acid, it might help if you’re kinda high functioning.

Article that states B12 and Folic Acid can help with negative symptoms!

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I had this problem for a very long time plus I had severe depression. The only thing that helped me was to find the right meds and time is a great healer. Life is a cycle. The good days will come as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. Hang in there and keep up with your activities. Hope the days will improve for you!


I hope you feel better. I used to have anhedonia. I still could enjoy things a little like at my job, watching the sunset, going to support group, and drinking a bubble tea… but it was bad enough that sometimes all that could give me comfort was food and sleep. I really thought life wasn’t worth living at one point. However my anhedonia went away for the most part, along with other symptoms, it all just suddenly disappeared… with the rest of my symptoms I could manage to function ok as a balancing act. My tiredness keeps getting worse and worse lately, however, especially with the anxiety med. I just stay hopeful that I’ll manage to out survive my symptoms and cope with the problems I’m dealt.


My negatives come in waves.
One year ago, I had severe negative symptoms.
I was laying on the couch all day, staring at the ceiling. Now I mainly have positive symptoms, and mild negative ones. I don’t know how it happened. I did nothing

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