Lazy? Bored? Avolition?

I tend to gravitate towards either lying down or pacing. Usually I can still muster interest in my novels but lost it now.

Feel restless. Empty. I couldn’t be bothered to do much.

I can’t figure out how people can cope with working. I wish I could work from home but I can barely clean the house or cook. Haven’t painted a picture in over a year. Can’t be bothered. Just meh…

Am I so lazy then? Is it a problem am I a problem person? Am I ever going to return to the enthusiasm of my pre sza life (my teens before my first break and my twenties before it returned).

I feel like my life is a waste. It’s enough to have moods and voices and psychosis but this demotivation sucks it out of me.

I guess many feel this way - or do they?


That’s what I’ve been doing lately, mostly pacing around my apartment, feeling restless I think because of abilify.

You can try smth new.

Like for instance put some rhythm music on and dance in sync. Or start feeding some birds at your window. Or play cards/backgammon/video games with smbd.

There is no shortage of ideas if it’s just your focus that’s gone. I suggest the dancing activity cause our body will thank you for it.

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I can’t even practise my religion properly anymore. (Islam which is very into self discipline) sza has taken so much from me

Please try smth new today. Just take your mind off symptoms for 2-3 hours. I gave you a few ideas above but you’re not limited to those.

You could also record yourself using a mic and a computer. Get creative, sing or impersonate someone. Then replay the recording later.

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Sounds like negative symptoms. Have you tried Amisulpride?

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@deezinageorge I’m on amisulpride 400mg, been on amisulpride for nine years now. Wonderful med. But negative symptoms still on and off. (Mostly on though.)

I have bad negative symptoms. Officially there is no meds for this but there is some meds that worsen negative symptoms less than others like Abilify for me.

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