Is this a legitimate reason to go back to school?

I have my undergrad degree in Management Science, graduated in '03. Thinking of going back to school to study: a. foreign language, b. finance, c. mba,

I sat down and thought about reasons why I have the desire to pursue an advanced degree. 1. personal enrichment, 2. job/ career advancement, 3. would like to be a student again

After getting ill my junior year in 01, I left school to regroup and recuperate. It took me a full year to get back, but my health was not good. I was severely catatonic and had a level of anxiety that precluded me from doing any school activity. The only activity I did do was play pick-up basketball, which I think I did everyday I was on campus. I studied, played hoops, and spent the remainder alone in my apartment. I had roommates but remember being extremely rude to them.

So wanting to be student again has been on my mind lots this calendar year. I am not trying to relive the college days (gross!), but I want to replace that experience and memory with one of positivity, growth, fun, where I actually get to know other students, interact with faculty, and not be such a nutty hot mess! So my question is whether this is a valid reason to go back to school…to re-experience as a means of healing, recovery, and personal growth… I think I just answered my own question, but maybe someone out there has gone through this very thought and action?


Sounds positive to me…all the best!

Yes it’s a good reason.
Career wise and education wise. a long as it isn’t a stress/burden on your financial life or your mental health.

my mother raised me by herself with barely anything and had worked in retail all her life.
she’s just got on a carers pension where she receives a lot of money to help support me I don’t really care about the money aspect i’m just glad she’s got free time now.
so instead she has gone and re-enrolled in university while I wait for housing which takes (years) and she is studying for a education to get a high paying job.
And she loves it, she’s almost a completely different person already after 6 months and there is no toll on her she’s free to devote as much time as she possibly can to get a education. which is hard for a lot of people due to complex reasons.(usually money or stress juggling both). I kind of feel like i’ve given something back to her for raising me instead of getting stuck in a job she doesn’t really like until she’s 65-70.

If you want to study in university/college give it a shot man it could change your life, I hope you succeed if you do.

so glad to hear part of your story. she sounds like an inspiration for you. i’m not too concerned about making more money, just would like to try the uni again.

Studying might be too much for you on top of everything else
It would be work or study… I found uni too stressful it made me very schizophrenically psychotic in no time at all
Reliving that would only prove the same thing to happen

Mature students are not really respected and universities I find, and like-minded people would be hard to come by

I think find like-minded people either in work or college or whatever not both and not without understanding that you are susceptible to stress

I think this is part of why I’m going back to school in my 30’s. I never really lived up to my potential in my teens and early 20’s and barely made it through college the 1st time around and then never did anything useful with the degree. This time around, I’m making an effort to make friends, join groups, study hard, go to career services to get help for when I graduate next spring. Its like a total do-over. I’m an evening student - most of the other students at this time are older like me, so I fit in. But even in the day-time group I don’t think I’d have a problem fitting in, our class is very diverse.

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I think you should do it before sz or the meds ruin your brain. It’s too late for me. I had my chance like 3 years ago and blew it.

@clouddog: very true, I have this grand picture of me exceling and doing wonderful things. I do have to take into consideration the stress of doing both (school and work). thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is always a good thing to think of the other side of the coin.

@skims: how are your stress levels when doing social activities? do you tell others about your illness? are you connected with faculty and other students? this would be the area I would have most difficulty: connecting with people that will help me succeed. I’ve always been the lone cowboy and I think it might continue even if I had these well intentions to be more personable and available.

That exact dream/idea had me ill in hospital so many times… Don’t try to excel try to live with your illness in some way

My stress amps up during social activities but I’m the wallflower type so its usually ok. The only real issue was public speaking last semester in front of 60 people for class for 5 minutes it was dreadful but I survived!!

As to the SZA, I did tell the dean of student services so the school knows, confidentially of course. I get extra time on tests and a quiet place to take them, the teachers know I have I have a disability but not what. I did have concerns about my future career and about clinical so I went to one of the heads of the dept and had a frank discussion about my concerns and I told her. It went well, no repercussions as yet. She did advice keeping it to myself unless I was really comfortable with the other person and it was confidential.