Want to go back to school; how do I know it's right?

I would really like to go back to school. I don’t know what for anymore, but something. I’m not sure if I can work now or later, but I still want to go to school. It would add to our debt because I’d have to take out student loans. How do I know if it’s the right thing to do or not? Would you do it in the hopes that you can put the degree to use someday?

**Side note: I already have a BA and an MA.


you can go the library and find books

on job growth and trends

maybe a field that sounds interesting

when I first got a degree, I was so hopeful of working and earning

I had to take any job just to pay the rent

the interviews were so hard, with questionaires and everything else

I needed a less stressful job

I truly believe getting free of addictions, being stable on meds,
and getting healthy physically

we can do anything maybe.

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Is there any way to get other funding sources besides student loans? You have to keep in mind that those things can be quite a burden because they can attach themselves to part of your SSI, if you get that.

I’m attending my local community college, and I get a grant and a scholarship that pays most of it, and the small amount left over I pay from what I earn at my part-time jobs. I won’t go into debt for college, because I don’t want to owe anything when I’m finished with college.

I should have my certificate of completion in I.T. by mid 2019, and then maybe I can get a better job.


www.edx.org has free courses you can take. Maybe start with one of those and see if you can stick to it? If so, then consider trying the paid options.



I can’t decide between math and CS. The competition is fierce. I’m slow and just started. But everyone starts somewhere. I’m going back this fall for an AS-T in math or CS. It’s at community college. I hope I can do it. I dont want to wait another semester. I’m sort of stable. I still have some mild symptoms.

It will be part time. I’m 29. I would like to be a programmer someday. I have cognitive problems like fatigue and being slower. I have anxiety.

Maybe I’ll be like 35 or 38 when I get a full time job. I dont know.

I’m not 100% sure I’m ready because I have to drive to school and then interact with others. I have to pay and put in the paperwork on time. I have to make sure I dress and smell good and budget my money so I can afford to go to school. I have to remain stable for 16 weeks and be able to focus for a 1 hour lecture. I’m only taking 1 class.

I think I can do it.

I wish you good luck too.


Good luck

try to stick with your plans

MIT has some free courses online

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