Is there such a thing as unipolar

I’m rarely depressed, my clinical depression faded years and years ago, and I am rarely anxious, so it’s not a bipolar happy/sad cycle thing at all.

However I find myself thinking about things, my mind thinks things I find extremely funny and I start laughing my ass off. I could be driving in my car or watching the news at home or whatever, I think about things I find funny, I am happy, and laughing and feel great. Sometimes when I am out i am glad I have a mask on cause people might be thinking what is this guy smiling about… just while standing in line at the bank for example thinking of things I find funny. It’s not constant but several times a day.

I’m not complaining because I feel good but just wondering if it is a psychological thing that could be indicative of something bad happening in the future.

For now I am enjoying it, but I posted this meme in another thread and it got me a little worried.



Inappropriate emotions are part of negative symptoms I read. I had inappropriate laughter off meds but it got better on meds on 6mg Risperdal. I dont think it happens now.

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I do this too. It’s embarrassing in public.

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I do the same thing. Something funny will occur to me, usually something pretty twisted, and suddenly I am laughing my ass off so hard I can’t breathe

The way I look at it, take the good with the bad and be grateful you can still laugh.

I think unipolar just means normal


When I was off meds I used to laugh for no reason while in class. Ppl looked at me with big eyes.

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Lol, I do the same thing bro. People will look at me like I’m crazy; but they might be onto something hahaha.


“It is associated with altered mental states or mental illness, such as mania, hypomania or schizophrenia, and can have other causes”


Thanks for posting that. That may be what I am experiencing, but I don’t really get angry. I’m either kind of emotionally flat or laughing my ass off.


Yes there is… There’s bipolar which is two sided: mania and depression. And then there’s unipolar which is one sided: depression only or major depression.


I don’t have depression or major depression…at all, not even a little.

I use to be really depressed but that was like a decade ago.

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Thanks for the link on paradoxical laughter @Aziz

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I didn’t read thru all these replies.

But I have an answer to your question.

I looked it up in the dictionary one time and hit said ‘polar suggests 2 ends.’

So no, there is no unipolar

From the Wikipedia link:


Paradoxical laughter has been consistently identified as a recurring emotional-cognitive symptom in schizophrenia diagnosis. Closely linked to paradoxical laughter is the symptom; inappropriate affect , defined as “emotional responses that are not in keeping with the situation or are incompatible with expressed thoughts or wishes”. An example of inappropriate affect with paradoxical laughter may be; expressions of joy when told about the death of a loved one. Inappropriate affect in schizophrenia includes, but is not limited to, paradoxical laughter, it also may involve unexpected bouts of aggression, sudden displays of sadness or undefinably bizarre behaviour.

Inappropriate affect officially falls in the category of a negative symptom in schizophrenia, measured on the SANS Scale when a diagnosis is made. However, some dispute this and argue inappropriate affect does not suitably fall in the positive-negative symptom dichotomy. Paradoxical laughter and other inappropriate emotional expressions were defining features of disorganised schizophrenia - one of five sub-types of schizophrenia previously defined in the DSM-IV. The latest version DSM-V (2013), no longer recognises different types of schizophrenia.

If I see someone laughing or smiling it barely registers. Other people seem ready to pounce with the question why are you laughing.

Whats with the antilaughter panopticon?

For example just today at work i was walking alone and laughing to myself and a guy said whats so funny and thinking on my feet i said ive been carrying big black @$!#s all day why wouldnt i be laughing. And he laughed indicating my cover wasnt blown.

Laughing inappropriately isn’t always sz. Sometimes it’s a sign of mania. @Aziz .

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Hmm. . .

The Unicycle Of Life & Death. One Parallel Spiral Out Of Control. Under Control. In Control |||+||| :smiling_imp:

Yeah, the polar bear who sent bombs through the mail:

“The Unipolar Bomber”.

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