Is there some logic here?

is it true that worse i am in the day then worse is the panic in the evening. because lately i panic in the evenings. i am so afraid of have them again… is it true that less stressed in the day i was,less will be the panick?

You said you’re from Eastern Europe? From which country?
Oh, I’m Sara. Croatia.

i am from bulgaria :slight_smile:

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Hey there neighbour :smile:
Never been in Bulgaria though.

I can’t help you much…but we Europeans, we have to stick together :wink:
Anyway…my advice… Take advantage of notmoses presence here.

ok :slight_smile: i felt relieve today for 3,4 hours. i am somebody quite worried. yes, we will stick together,y re sweet.

Stress can trigger anxiety and panic…

If there is a way you can relax during the day… find something that helps easy you in the day… you might have a better night.

Maybe try some breathing exercises and some other ways to make the night go easier…

Good luck and I hope you have a better day.

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Caffeine triggers panic for me. But I need caffeine to elevate my mood.

thanks surprised, i am trying to calm me down by walking in the house. somebody who was the same? stefano,i am the same with the coffee

Excellent idea, when I feel anxiety or stress coming on, I walk and walk around the house - walking helps calm down anxiety.

Mine hits me even when I’m not stressed, but it does get worse at nightfall. When it gets dark I become more afraid of the world and my anxiety shoots up. Also, caffeine causes me great anxiety.

Are you drinking coffee or tea during the day?

wave,yes it s the only thing that helps me. cant go outside because i am too bad…i walk and after that i am going to bed in the dark. its calms me also…

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odile,i dont think my coffee cause my anxiety…maybe its probable but i am not sure…:slight_smile: yes,i have this fear and panic even without factors to trigger it…i dont work,dont see people,etc

I used to pace around my flat until late afternoon. Do whatever it is that helps you
Also could dance around your flat burn up excess energy

Caffeine use is strongly correlated to anxiety in every diagnostic condition I know of.

I surely appreciate why sz pts use caffeine: It picks them up from the lethargy induced by the anti-psychotic they have to take. But while anti-Ps are sedating, they are also medications for anxiety, working on the central nervous system in precisely the opposite way that caffeine works on it.

So if one drinks Coke or black tea or coffee, the effects of the medication are usually reduced.

cc: @Sarad

Symptoms get worse at night, regardless. I like to keep my mind busy at night, then shut the blinds and lights out, then talk to myself in the pitch black dark until I reach catharsis and/or make myself tired. It’s like empty chair gestalt therapy and free association from psychoanalysis and depersonalization all wrapped up in a tortilla and served for a bedtime snack. That and the like seven pills or whatever. lol

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