Coffee induced panic attack

Hello, lately it been rough for me as I been drinking really strong coffee in the morning and chainsmoked that caused me a panic attack couple days ago. I also started to hear random songs in my head (when I was idle and not reading or talking). I stopped drinking coffee now and it is a little bit better I also experiencing lexapro withdrawals, could that influenced it? It wasn’t anxiety attack, it was panick attack. I took clonazepam and a tablet of nitrozepam before sleep. After two days I’m still anxious. Has anyone experienced something familiar?

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Caffeine has given me a panic attack before. I think that in combination with you stopping lexapro was a bad idea.

I’m switching to trintellix now, lexapro used to give me insomnia and anxiety

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supposedly the meds don’t work as well with high caffeine,

they wouldn’t let us have it in the hospital.

I don’t know if this is the reason you had a panic attack
but it may be possible. Mine come on during high stress.

Caffeine is hectic.

It gives me tactile hallucinations believe it or not !!!

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For a year after I got my first episode I did not have a single panick attack, when I started lexapro, insomnia mixed up with caffeine in the morning really gave a kick to my anxiety and panick attacks. It sometimes took 6 hours to fall asleep. As I’m not off lexapro I was asleep easily

I read caffeine just works like amphetamine at large doses. I wonder why It’s not a controlled drug. In my country any energy drinks are banned if you are not 16 or older. But you can go into cafe and order large coffee with 2 espresso shots no problem


if it’s happening a lot, insomnia and panic attacks, best to call your doc’s nurse. I take trazadone for sleep.

I’m not experiencing insomnia anymore, I’m just still anxious and recovering from that panick attack. It feels like I snorted some cocaine two days ago and experiencing hangover. I think I made a right decision to stop completely drinking coffee and energy drinks

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There are herbs you can take for panic attacks like valerian root, ashwagandha and tranquiline. They do wonders for my anxiety.

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I was thinking about taking tranquiline for anxiety. How does it work?

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It has a lot of herbs mixed in it like ashwagandha, gaba, passion flower, and a lot of other herbs. I take 4 a day and I used to have 3 panic attacks a week and then I stopped eating sugar and exercising and with tranqiline I’ve not had a panic attack in 2 weeks.

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Kava is the best herb for anxiety but it will mess up your liver. Try only staying on it for like 3 months only then get off of it.

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