Is there natural way to get rid of schizophrenia induced psychosis?

Or a schizophrenic episode, whatever you call it? Anything over the counter, purchased from Amazon, or natural?

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Nope! 151514141

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Taking a baby aspirin a day should do the trick.


Only medications help control SZ symptoms

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You people have so much confidence in your medication that you don’t see the disastrous aging and sickness effects they have over time.

What I have confidence in is no longer being visited by Satan and his demons, no longer a prophet, and no longer receiving telepathic messages from birds and bunnies.

They don’t stop me from being followed unfortunately, but they do stop enough issues t be well worth taking.

The reason we seem confident, though not all of us feel 100% confident, is that they’re only the antipsychotics seem to help enough to have significant improvement.

For those who are so treatment resistant that nothing helps at all, I feel very sorry. It sucks for them. Hopefully new meds will come out that help them too.

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I’m going to try exercising like crazy to get this filth out of my system and encourage myself to eat healthier. One thing I found that helps is vinegar and water. It cleanses your body and brain for some reason. Doing more research.

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I think exercise and diet are very important to our health. I just think we need additional treatment on top of that


Yeah I guess so. But I’ll never give up looking for ways to treat this more healthier.

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I understand that. 15

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I fully understand that these psych meds are basically toxic to our bodies but without them I become completely unhinged.
So I really don’t have a choice.

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Good luck, guess I am going to see you in the hospital again soon

I don’t think there is a natural way to get rid of psychosis. Just medication can help it.

I’ve heard that ground up unicorn horn is the best supplement, but it’s always sold out on Amazon.

If you Google it there are a few however I don’t recommend them I have seen cases where people have taken vitamins in place of pills and had a horrible outcome schizophrenia is a long process it’s like trying to medicate something that is moving and progressing with age that is why you need a doctor to guide you through thank you very is training therapy if you will