Is there anyone else

I have insomnia however I can not sleep when it’s daylight is there anybody else like this?

yep. sucks, doesn’t it.

even take 3 Trazadone’s a night.

sometimes I do a lot of cleaning when not sleeping.


Yep took my trazodone last night … Waited… Waited still no sleep.

yeah. My doc is concerned about it.

I don’t know, I feel like I can eventually catch up on sleep.

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Mine has tried me on everything nothing puts me to sleep, she’s just like oh well that’s all we can do.! Seriously… Ugh

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that’s not good. have you tried Benadryl?

Users here say Klonopin helps them sleep.

I’ve tried Seroquel, hydroxyzine, busbar, benadryl and the trazodone. She does give me Xanax but she doesn’t like writing benzos so she only gives me a few

Phil always says I should take a large gulp of night-time DayQuil.

never done it though.

If you’re desperate you could try L-theanine.

Conclusions: Our results suggest that L-theanine is effective in ameliorating positive symptoms and sleep quality in schizophrenia. The MRS findings suggest that L-theanine stabilises the glutamatergic concentration in the brain, which is a possible mechanism underlying the therapeutic effect.

Effect of L-theanine on glutamatergic function in patients with schizophrenia - PubMed.


I think @Headspark has good advice for insomnia. He used to have really bad insomnia.

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Hemp. Flower.

Certain strains help with sleep. Sounds like you’ve got insomnia pretty bad, so I’m not exactly sure how useful it may be. But it may be worth a shot…

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I still have bad insomnia, but it has improved. It all started when I quit Olanzapine.

I used to not be able to sleep AT ALL, so I started taking 1.5mg of clonazepam just to sleep.

I think it’s been 8 months since I quit olanzapine. I can now fall to sleep without clonazepam but I can’t stay asleep. I wake up after a few hours. So I still have to take clonazepam.

I always sleep at night but I can’t sleep with daylight either. I closed my drapes, then put a blanket over them so there is no daylight in my bedroom, even in the morning. I keep my room dark 24/7.


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